Proposed Car Dealership


  1. Christina Marquez

    I’m so opposed to this changing the dynamics of our town!

  2. I don’t want a car dealership in our Town. It would change the appeal and rural life here, we moved here to live in a rural area, we love everything about Acton just the way it is, Don’t add Business that ruins the lifestyle of our Town

  3. This would be view from my front door, would they like to have that by there home

  4. NO. There is no need for one here.

  5. I would like to voice my OPPOSITION to any car dealership in Acton. Vote NO to car dealerships. Keep Acton rural!!

  6. Laney Clevenger

    No no no. Dont bring car dealership to Acton. I love Acton n the rural environment. Dont change what beauty is here.

  7. Jessica Holland

    No!!! Especially at that intersection!! Worst place ever for a car dealership. It will be an eye sore and there is absolutely no need for it.

  8. NO to a car dealership in Acton!
    If this goes through, it will be right in my back yard.
    We do NOT need this kind of business here. There is already a huge truck storage facility at the same intersection. There are huge semi trucks pulling in and out every day – and at night too! The entrance on Santiago will be very dangerous.
    A car dealership needs freeway signs – this is not within view of the freeway, so why do they want to be on this corner? The worrying thing is – if the “car dealership is so small – and office space only 600 square feet on that huge lot….once they get their foot in the door, what do the plan to expand?
    The prospect is very scary indeed! Keep Acton rural!

  9. There are horse trails here! NO car dealership should be on this corner! There is already too much traffic at this intersection. There was a fatality there a few years ago because of excessive traffic.

  10. Absolutely NO.

  11. No, there is no need for any auto dealerships here. Please keep Acton beauty as it is.

  12. No. This is not needed in Acton!

  13. I am absolutely opposed to a car dealership in Acton. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea. There is no need for a used car dealership in Acton and that corner is busy enough as it is.

    How do we stop this?

  14. We have lived in Acton for 26 years. Every year we see our desirable community diminished. Rural lifestyle does not translate into junk yards. I oppose the idea of letting any such business into my immediate neighborhood. Palmdale and Lancaster are full of corner lots and used cars. Take a look at what they do to a community. Why would we ever permit this to happen in our treasured community?

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