Commercial & Industrial Development Package

Developers wishing to present proposed commercial and/or industrial projects to the Acton Town Council must provide the following information at least 2 weeks before a presentation can be scheduled so that your proposed project can be fully and properly reviewed by the Council and Community.

If you would like to schedule your presentation or have any questions, please contact the Acton Town Council at [email protected].

Items Required Two Weeks In Advance of Presentation

  1. A clear statement summarizing specifically what is requested (Conditional Use Permit, Zone Change, etc.)
  2. Vicinity Map.
  3. Site Plan Showing:
    1. Structures, septic, hardscape areas, trail easements, pedestrian pathway, drainage configuration, etc.
    2. Summary table including: Gross lot area, Net lot area, Size of each proposed use (restaurant, retail, storage, etc.), Parking space calculations, Existing zoning and land use, Proposed zoning and land use, etc.
  4. Plan and elevation drawings.
  5. Utility easements.
  6.  Sign Plan.
  7.  Landscape Plan.
  8. Lighting Plan.
  9. Copy of all a aplications submitted to agencies including but not limited to Regional Planning, Public Works, ATF, etc.
  10. Project Developer information.
  11. Name and contact information.
  12. Assigned Planner at Regional Planning.

Item Submission Form

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    Summary of Request: (required)

    Regional Planner's Name:

    Parcel Number:

    Upload Plans and Drawings - PDF, DXF, DOCX, JPEG

    Vicinity Map

    Site Plan

    Plan and Elevation Drawings

    Utility Easements

    Sign Plan

    Landscape Plan

    Lighting Plan

    Application Submitted to Regional Planning

    Other Applications (ATF, etc.)

    Any additional information:

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