1. Please reconsider the upcoming balloon release and reconsider it’s effects on your surrounding natural habitats and the animals in them. Fish and birds easily mistake deflated balloons as food. Many choke and die from the results of ingestion. Do your part.

    • actontowncouncil

      The Acton Town Council received several emails this morning that raise concerns regarding a balloon release event sponsored by “Forever Pet Rescue”. I am not sure if your email addresses this balloon release event, but I assume it is. The Acton Town Council is unaware of the event and is not familiar with this rescue operation. A review of the “Foreverhome Pet Rescue” website does not provide any details and does not mention the event. Foreverhome Pet Rescue is not identified on the list of licensed Animal Facilities in Los Angeles County, so there is virtually no information to go on. I received a link to a facebook page that talks about the event; the facebook page indicates that the balloon release will be in Acton, but I did not see where. Acton is 100 square miles in size, so more specific information would be greatly appreciated. I would appreciate it if you could provide more information about the event so that the Acton Town Council can notify the responsible county agency regarding your concerns. We can move forward as soon as you are able to provide additional information regarding where this event will occur and who is implementing it.

      Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


      Jacqueline Ayer
      Correspondence Secretary for the ATC

      • the info below from their Facebook page indicates the daphneyland basset ranch, acton CA for the location of the release

        Attend a Memorial for Poly – in spirit. Donate $10 and send her a message on a pink balloon that will be released into the sky on May 7 at the Daphneyland Annual Memorial Balloon Release. Let’s TURN THE SKIES PINK FOR POLY.



      • location of balloon release
        Daphneyland Basset Ranch
        6221 Shannon Valley Road,
        Acton, CA 93510

  2. Apparently the Foreverhome Pet Rescue uses several names. Daphneyland, PolyFund are all connected. We are hopeful the town can convince these animal lovers not to put animals at risk. Here is their event flyer.

    And here is the address & phone number… 661.269.2682
    6221 Shannon Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510

  3. The rescue Foreverhome Pet Rescue is pairing with DaphneyLand Bassett rescue. They do this release each year apparently.
    6221 Shannon Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510
    Scheduled for this Sat, May 7th.

  4. I am giving you some information to help stop the mass balloon release scheduled for this Saturday May 7, 2016
    Here is a link to the page about the balloon release. https://www.givinggrid.com/pinkballoonsforpoly/. The release is going to be held at:
    Daphneyland Basset Ranch
    6221 Shannon Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510
    [email protected]

  5. The website address for DaphneyLand Bassett Rescue is http://www.barniatdaphneyland.org/
    There you will find information on the upcoming events related to the balloon release. If you need any more information please email me and I will do my best to get it to you.

  6. Hello, like thousands of others I too am concerned about the May 7th planned balloon release, “Pink Balloons for Poli.” I don’t have more info but I certainly hope this event doesn’t take place. I’ve personally witnessed sea birds and sea turtles that died from balloon strangulation. Thank you for doing what you can to stop it.

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