Acton Town Council – Protest Meeting July 6, 2020

To protest recent actions that have prevented Acton residents from fully participating in government actions on critical issues that face our community; specifically:

  • Dollar General Development
  • Proposed Car Lot
  • Proposed Truck Storage Yard
  • Housing Ordinances before the Board of Supervisors
  • PSPS (Southern California Edison), ongoing resiliency issues



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  1. Randy and Jean Johnson

    Our community has absolutely no need of a Dollar General. You can go to any small town in America and find one and they are typically unsightly. Dollar General does nothing to enhance Acton. We already have Bargain for those purchases.

    Car lot? Why? All it will do is bring people from off the freeway to central Acton. More traffic. Not a business that our community needs. Not a service that a majority would use.

    Just NO! We do not need any change that does not uplift the people of Acton.

  2. Dear Acton Town Council:

    My family and I have lived in beautiful Acton for 16 years now. We LOVE our little rural town. We LOVE both the Acton Markets. We LOVE how our little town bands together to help each other in times of crisis. This is a time of crisis in my mind, we do not need a Dollar General Store at all, let alone right across the street from the markets we already have and just down the road from my home. We have enough trouble with crime, when people think they can just come into our tiny rural community and cause trouble, we don’t need any more crime and from the reports I have read, these Dollar General stores cause just that, crime and trouble. And whether those reports or true or not this store could put the markets out of business.

    We have a “dollar” type store already up by the 76 gas station and that would put them out of business as well. I strongly vote NO NO NO On a Dollar General Store in any part of Acton or Aqua Dulce. Also, I heard about a used car lot coming over by La Cabana? I vote NO on that possibility as well.

    I believe in making things better in the world, but this we do not need. I appreciate you reading my letter and I appreciate everything you do to try and stop things like this in Acton, as you have done in the past with Starbucks and other grocery stores that approached. I know your job can’t be easy.

    Kelly & Robert Brown

    Acton, California since 2004

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