Acton Town Council Meeting, December 3, 2018 Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order by President Pro-tem Jeremiah Owen. Present at the meeting – Dylan Lunde, Jacki Ayer, Jeremiah Owen, Ruth Brock, and Kelly Teno.  Seated in the audience – Tom Costan. Absent – Pam Wolter
  2. Appointments/Officer Elections – Ruth Brock made a motion to appoint Tom Costan to the Acton Town Council.  Jacki Ayer 2nd the motion. The motion carried.  Jeremiah named Ruth Brock, Tom Costan, and Kelly Teno as the nominating committee for officer elections.  The slate of officers presented – President – Jeremiah Owen, Vice President – Tom Costan, Recording Secretary – Kelly Teno, Corresponding Secretary – Jacki Ayer, Treasurer – Pam Wolter.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to accept the slate as presented.  Ruth Brock 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.
  3. Community Comments – Resident from Cedarcroft Road brought up his concerns with offroad vehicles in the riverbed and not enough police presence.  The sheriff spoke about the codes, and stated that it is not an easy fix. After discussion the topic will be put on the agenda for January.  The owner of Wolf Connection spoke about a post on social media saying one of their animals escaped.  He wanted everyone to know that it was not their animal but a neighbors.
  4. Minutes of the Last Meeting – Ruth Brock made a motion to approve the minutes from September 17, 2018, October 1, 2018, October 15, 2018 and October 29, 2018. Dylan Lunde 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  5. Treasurer Report – None
  6. Sheriff Report – There were 53 incidents in November that resulted in reports. 
  7. Library report – The December schedule and upcoming events were announced.
  8. Eagle Scout Project – Dustin Dehemmer will present at the next meeting.
  9. Santa Clarita Transit, Transportation Development Plan – Alex Porlier introduced himself and Jim Moore who spoke about the plan and gave an overview.  They wanted to make Acton aware of the project and give us a chance to fill out a survey on the project webpage.  They posed the question Would Acton feel the need for more service?
  10. Eagle Collegiate Academy, proposed charter school – They gave a visual presentation about their charter school and their goals.  The proposed school would be at 13136 Sierra Highway, Sleepy Valley.  After presenting they answered questions which included – Were they appealing after AADUSD denied them? Yes they were.  Do you have enough students to keep the school open?  They have enough interest.  They have received an education grant from the State.
  11. Film Committee Update – Wanted this kept on the agenda to address a letter from Mr Smith and felt it should come from the ATC and signed by the president.  The feeling is that the Film Committee has gone as far as it can go.  A question from the audience about the standards. #15 standard on the Film LA website restricts large trucks on dirt roads.  The ATC was not aware of this and stated that all they asked for was that roads were brought back to their original condition.  It was brought up that the Fifth District issued 2 1/2 times more permits than the next busiest district.  Most of the filming done follows the standards.  It is the few that are impactful.  We will post what we asked for as standards on the ATC website.  Jacki Ayer made a motion that the ATC write a letter in response to Mr Smith’s email addressing filming conditions.  Tom Costan 2nd the motion.  Discussion included to allow large vehicles on the dirt roads if they bring the road back to original state.  Motion carried.
  12. Announcements and Correspondence – Jeremiah announced an SEA Special Meeting (public meeting).  December 11, 2018 at 7pm at the library.  Email from resident Brent Duxbury wanting information on the status of the proposed 4 way stop at Sierra Highway and Red Rover Mine Road.  The county stated that a 4 way stop is not warranted.  Jacki will answer the email.
  13. Councilmember Comments – Ruth spoke about being happy to see a large audience and participating in the discussions.
  14. Update- ATC Election Committee – None
  15. Committee Reports – The following committees made reports –  b. ARTC –topics at the last meeting included the Centenial Project, and Valley Fever.  c. Publicity –when we have our meeting with Supervisor Barger we would like to see if town councils could receive some operating money.  h. Utilities – Edison will be at the next meeting to talk about plans for Fire Protection.  j.  Emergency Response & Disaster/Resiliency Plan – Resident Mike Fox is interested in working with the committee.  Mike Hughes would also be willing to help.  k. Beautification/Illegal Dumping – The illegal dumping seems to be slowing down.  There is still trash being dumped.  m.  Industrial Aesthetics – Ruth spoke with the property owner at Red Rover Mine Road and Sierra Highway ( who is not the business owner)  They have been watering their plants and they are growing.  p. High Speed Rail – Jacki spoke about the HSR Board Meeting and that Acton had a really good turn out.  We felt they really listened to us.  They said they need to do more work on noise, look at tunneling and well impacts.  The ATC should press our School Board to formally take a position.  Find out whether they will be bringing water through the whole tunnel for fire suppression.
  16. Unfinished/New Business – None
  17. Items for the Next Agenda – Dustin Dehemmer, Captain Kneer meeting, Edison.
  18. Adjournment – 10:19pm
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