Proposed Rite Aid Pharmacy Presented March 16, 2015

Developers Matt Stowe and Ed Horovitz presented their plan to build a Rite Aid Pharmacy at the corner of Crown Valley Rd & Antelope Woods Rd to the ATC for community input. The developers stressed that they have incorporated all aspects of Acton Community Standards into their proposed design and that Rite Aid’s primary interest is to serve the community of Acton.

The Council posed many questions to the developers, some were answered and some were left open to be answered at their next presentation to the Council.

A few things the Council learned.

  • The building will be ~10,000 square feet in size.  This is the smallest store plan in the Rite Aid inventory.
  • There is a drive through. Its use will be restricted to prescription pickup only with an estimated 4-6 vehicles per hour.
  • Rite Aid plans to sell liquor at this location.
  • Rite Aid has approached the Crown Valley Pharmacy with intent to buy them out.
  • The developers have not started the application process with Regional Planning.
  • No traffic study has been commissioned.

A few questions that were left open for their next presentation scheduled for April 20th.

  • Expected ratio of sales to the community of Acton vs.  freeway serving?
  • Expected percentage of sales would be liquor?
  • Would Rite Aid still consider this site if a liquor license was not available?

Site Plan, Elevation Plan and Construction Detail Provided to the Council

Download (PDF, 3.93MB)

Download (PDF, 4.11MB)

Download (PDF, 222KB)


Updated Information received by the ATC  to be presented by RDS Partners at the 04-20-2015 regular meeting.

Summary of Request:
Building and site plan review and approval for a 10,558 square foot Rite Aid pharmacy with a CUP for off-site sale of alcohol.

Additional Documents Submitted to the ATC.

Download (PDF, 350KB)

Download (PDF, 232KB)

Download (PDF, 91KB)

Download (PDF, 3.93MB)

Download (PDF, 1.4MB)

Download (PDF, 4.11MB)




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  1. I do not support a Rite Aid development in our community. While it would be more convenient than driving to Palmdale or Santa Clarita, I will make the drive. I would not wish to affect the already struggling Acton Pharmacy in our area.

  2. I am against a Rite Aid development in our community. I moved here precisely to get away from big business that attracts more traffic and people to a rural and animal friendly environment. That means I committed to driving further to obtain things that I might need to ensure that I can ride my horses safely on the roads/streets with little traffic. Once you open the gates to this type of building or business, where will it stop? Hello, to another Santa Clarita! Good-bye rural Acton!

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