Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes March 7, 2022, Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute, & Roll Call –  The meeting was called to order at 6:33 pm by President Jeremiah Owen.  Followed by the Flag Salute.  Members present – Pam Wolter, Jacki Ayer, Jeremiah Owen. Tom Costan, Troy Pieper, and Kelly Teno.
  2. Community Comments, Non Agenda Items -A resident asked about the drug busts on or around Indian Oaks.  Homes are being re-habilitated and going up for sale.  Jacki’s firm completed the analysis of solar farms needed to fully de-carbonize LA County.
  3. Sheriff Report –  They had 487 Calls in February.
  4. Announcements and Correspondence –  There was no public notice of Safety Element going for vote.  The Via Clarita filming answer emails are very antagonistic. Chuck Bostwick spoke about the mask mandate being removed in County buildings in a couple weeks.
  5. Sanchez Project –  They are planning on building a single family resident Ave U up Peaceful Valley.  Their house plans are on the ATC website.  We were confused why they need a MCUP.  The only thing they can think of is it is in a hillside protection and dirt was brought in to fill and make a flat area for the home.  We explained that we had problems with that years ago and the drainage could be altered.  This property is being fixed so the drainage will be fixed.  Glenn Tong is the planner for grading and drainage.  We have not heard back from Soyeen on stipulations.  They will send grading plans and site plan electronically.  We will put it on the website and take community comments and will take a position next meeting.
  6. Rural Water Supply reliability Project Ideas –  Our Steering Committee Coordinator from Tree People is Peter Massey.  We are working with him to put together a grant application.  The Tree People are looking for ideas that the community wants.  One resident spoke about capturing water.  The Tree People wanted to gather well data but Acton and Agua Dulce do not want to do this because it could be used against us.
  7. CAC-  Encourage everyone to call the Sheriff Department about filming, they need a paper trail and then the Sheriff will go to the CEO office.  Community Advisory to the Sheriff Dept is taking comments on people off roading. Jacki spoke about a letter from a resident Don Laird and his concerns about at the last Board meeting in our community they took a video chat pan of the audience and he was not happy because we had been speaking about grow houses.  They said that it had been taken care of.
  8. Water Issues –  AVEK resources vs local water resources to serve connections outside the Community of Acton, the new water line under construction that extends outside of Acton, and the County’s proposal to extract an additional 1000 acre feet per year from our water basin.  resident Dale Bybee spoke about the water main going in.  They were on his property so he spoke with the project manager about whether they surveyed and they had not.  He questioned whether home owners near the pipeline could tap in.  What are they giving to our community?  The ATC has asked for information on water taken from our basin from Public Works and we have received nothing.  Public Works called Jacki about 3pmn today and said their old team is out ,and the new team doesn’t recognize anything about a new rate schedule.  They perceive that everyone in the district to be all together and pay the same.  Jacki still cant find the  final EIR on the new housing project.  In the addendum, which comes after the FEIR, stated that the water will come from AVEK.  The project is in Agua Dulce so the ATC can only make comments that pertain to Acton.  Septic – It doesn’t look like Phase 1 will affect Acton.   We could comment on access, water, and ADU’s.  Jacki made a motion to meet with Water Works District 37 , Anish and Chuck to discuss items under agenda item #8.  Tom 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  9. Proposed State legislation SB55, SB12 –  SB55 – is gone and dead.  SB12 is stalled but not gone.  Jacki spoke about the bills and reviewed them.
  10. HSR – The DEIR is supposed to be out by the end of March and they think we will have 45 days to comment.  They would like to meet with the ATC to give updates and what they can share with us.  We should also invite Wilk and Lackey offices and maybe the school board.  It was questioned whether it would be open to the public.  We can ask.
  11. Councilmember Comments –  Pam gave the bank balance- $317.05, Pam received messages about grafitti around town.  She also heard from residents about trucks dumping up Hubbard.  Pam wrote Oscar Gomez.  Jacki gave a thank you to Kathryn Barger for the new mask rules
  12. Committee Reports –  The following committees had reports.  Education Committee – Information should be out soon about a meeting.  Pam brought up that she spoke at the Acton Womans Club meeting about school board election.  Trails, Open Space, and Recreation – working with Cal Poly.  They have a website where you can draw in where you want trails.  We have asked that they provide it for our community for longer.  Need to write a letter of appreciation to the students.  Put on the agenda.  Utilities – Jacki spoke about the flight track data for Beartrap Canyon.  Chuck will contact the Health Department for the resident near the Edison Substation and noise issues.  Publicity – Tom took care of the domain for the ATC.  We need to set up a combo of zoom and in person meetings to reach a larger group.  Traffic Safety – New traffic pattern on Soledad Canyon Road between Aliso Canyon and Santiago.
  13. Unfinished/New Business -None
  14. Items for the Next Agenda –  Cal Poly,  CAP and R.P., Water Issues from #8, HSR, Bylaws, Franchise waste hauling.
  15. Adjournment – 9:55 pm
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