Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes, June 3, 2019, Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by president Jeremiah Owen. Present at the meeting Pam Wolter, Jacki Ayer, Jeremiah Owen, and Dylan Lunde. Absent Tom Costan and Kelly Teno.
  2. Community Comments – Generators – ARB compliant – yes. 2KW – speakers – have to pull permit at county Joe Ramirez about $10,000. Clean power alliance.
  3. Minutes of the last meeting – Tabled
  4. Treasurers Report – None
  5. Sheriff’s Report – None
  6. Library Report – None
  7. Heffner Rd. Project – Mr. Taylor Dalusong – Taylor and Chrissie – CUP no permits, too close to road, need full CUP filed two months ago, they will solicit community input and neighbors.
  8. Sustainability Plan – County has prepared a draft plan. No communication to the ATC or other town councils. Per Jacki this will be a binding document. We have been told we don’t pay our fair share for fire, police, etc. Chuck Bostwick doesn’t know how this will affect the general plan. Chuck will try to get the sustainability chief CEO to a ATC meeting or to an ARTC meeting. Jacki Ayer made a motion to write comments on the Sustainability Plan – Jackie to write this and submit to Chief Gary Garo. 2nd by Dylan Lunde. Motion passed.
  9. ¬†Southern California Edison – Notifying process and wildfire mitigation – Ms. Elizabeth Seelman spoke at the meeting. Following are things that were asked or spoken about: Dec. 17th, 2018 making poles more fire resistant, monitor weather to shut off power. Aerial inspections started about one month ago, 3 man crew – pilot, observer, camera man – looking for any signs of deterioration, they can see items aerial that they can’t see from the ground, upcoming fire season should be done in two days.¬† PUC not submitted to be able to use helicopters, their permit said that all work would be done by ground, not by helicopter. PUC determines the high fire risk areas and using the helicopter is the new normal. IR work will be done from the ground. Environment impact is a problem for Acton. Fire safety objective – inspections need to be completed by 2018. Vegetation management – developing new plans, primary goal for now is to complete the inspections. Edison was asked to come back to ATC to report before using helicopters again. Dear neighbor program – Outage alert flyer handed out that explained best ways for residents to receive information on outages. 6 employees from Edison were present. PSD – Public Safety Program – because of high fire problem – weather issues like high winds, power could be shut off for up to 72 hours. This could be a problem for our water haulers and people on wells. Edison is trying to prepare the communities for outages. Discussion lasted for approximately 1 1/2 hours.
  10. Cactus Creek – Trailer Park – Report by sheriff, he has been speaking to Oscar. State law says they are not licensed. They must find new homes for residents and pay them to move. Health department has said they only have one septic tank from the 1950’s.
  11. Announcements and Correspondences – CSD concept draft. We need community input by June 27th. ARTC meeting – homeless issues were discussed.
  12. Council members comments – None
  13.  Committee Reports РFilm Coalition requested a meeting with Chris Perry, Jacki will follow up.
  14. Unfinished/New Business – Heather and Raelene present from Polsa Rosa. The ecological report should be done by this month.
  15. Items for Next Agenda – Santa Clara River water shed.
  16. Adjournment – 10:07pm
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