Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes, February 4, 2019, Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute, & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order by President Jeremiah Owen at 7:00 pm. Present at the meeting; Dylan Lunde, Jacki Ayer, Jeremiah Owen, Tom Costan, and Kelly Teno. Absent; Pam Wolter.
  2. Community Comments – Mitchel Gootman from the film industry wanted to introduce himself and he will speak on Agenda #8. A representative from Valley Oasis talked about the homeless and what they can do to help the homeless to get them into permanent homes. We should place this on a future agenda and have him back to speak to the community. Resident Troy Pieper asked that ADU’s be put on the Agenda. Jacki spoke with Tina Carlon about the new ordinance and if people get all their paperwork complete and in before February 15, 2019 they will go off the old ordinance. His concerns are that Acton will get too many rentals. We will put this on an agenda to address in the CSD’s. A resident asked about getting mile markers around the walking track at the Acton Park. She was guided to contact The Friends of Acton Park. A resident spoke about the crime in Acton and he believes that if we can closed the trailer park across from the Community Center that we could eliminate a lot of the crime. Citizens in Acton are having a meeting on February 5, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Community Center.
  3. Minutes of the Last Meeting(s) – Jacki Ayer made a motion to approve all the past meeting minutes that are in draft with changes. Tom Costan 2nd the motion. The motion carried.
  4. Treasurer Report – None
  5. Sheriff Report – In January 2019 there were 68 incidents that resulted in reports. Lt Schaffer is the acting captain.
  6. Library Report – Announced that the library is passing out and accepting applications for the Young Personas Art Council Show. The library will be closed February 18, 2019. The February events were announced.
  7. Department of Public Health presentation: Traffic Safety Initiative – Alexis Lantz from the Department of Public Health came to do a presentation for the community about LA County Vision Zero. They are working in conjunction with other agencies to stop traffic accidents that result in severe injury or death. Their Action Plan will be out in February and open to public comment, with plans to go to the BOS in Summer 2019. She opened it to questions from the audience an she can be reached at
  8. Implementation of Acton’s filming standards – Question was asked if Ruth was going to keep the Filming Coalition Committee active. No clear answer. Jacki started it off by talking about recent filming permits and questions about restrictions. Audience member, Mr Gutman, a location manager, brought up many concerns including wanting communication to be better between the Town of Acton, County, Film LA, and productions.  Mr Gutman stated that no surveys are required for filming at Middleton Ranch, but are required for filming at Polsa Rosa Ranch.  That is why he received film permits for both locations. Felt that the restrictions are all and only on film ranch Polsa Rosa Ranch and county would not change the restrictions. The ATC brought up that restrictions are there so to protect the people living near the film productions and that Acton’s restrictions are not as restrictive as other areas. Donna Termeer announced that the county would like to put together a community outreach meeting with all agencies involved, film industry and community, to bring concerns together. She needs the ATC’s help to put this together. It will be run by the county.
  9. Update on the SEA Ordinance – The ATC has submitted our comment letter and received acknowledgement of it being received. Iris Chi and Susie Tae spoke at the January 2019 meeting about the changes. They have added all the AV exemptions back in and any communities wishing to not exempt can do so in their CSD’s. Some of the other questions and concerns the ATC brought up in our comment letter have yet to be addressed. February 27, 2019 is the Regional Planning Commission hearing. Staff report will be out on February 14, 2019. We need to call a Special Meeting after the staff report is out and before the hearing to put together our plan. Jeremiah will check with the library for availability.
  10. Business Registration Ordinance – Jacki discussed the ordinance and concerns. She has started writing a rough draft letter. Concerns include that home based businesses are exempt right now with plans to add them within 2 years. So no input has been given on this subject. The term “business” is not defined in the ordinance. There are concerns about the materials a business has to supply and the fees and penalties. This was supposed to help businesses then why the penalties. Tom Costan made a motion to write a letter to express the ATC’s concerns to the Business Registration Ordinance and as presented we are opposed. Jacki Ayer 2nd the motion. The motion carried.  
  11. Announcements and Correspondence – March 4, 2019 the county will come present about dumping and mulching. Caltrans is working on the offramps and path at Crown Valley freeway exit and entrance.
  12. Councilmember Comments – None
  13. Committee Reports – The following committees gave a report; a. Planning and Coordinating – We should ask the School Board if they can get a full scope of the work being done at Crown Valley freeway exit and entrance from Caltrans. b. ARTC – At the meeting last week the SEA and Centenial Project issues. Trails, Open Space and Recreation – Email Friends of the Acton Park about mile markers around trail. h. Utilities – About a year ago the BOS made a motion to include the unincorporated areas in the Clean Power Alliance. Residents can still opt out. i. Bylaws – Kelly Teno announced that a committee needed to be put together to do the annual bylaws review. Tom Costan and residents Ann Tressel and Troy Pieper along with Kelly Teno will make up the committee. Date and time to be announced. k. Beautification/Illegal Dumping –  A resident brought up the benefits of mulching.
  14. Unfinished/New Business – None
  15. Items for Next Agenda – Clean Power Lines, future agenda ADU’s
  16. Adjournment – 10:00pm
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