Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes, April 15, 2019, Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute, & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by President Jeremiah Owen.  Present:  Pam Wolter, Jacki Ayer, Jeremiah Owen, Tom Costan, and Kelly Teno.  Absent: Dylan Lunde.
  2.  Community Comments – None
  3.  Minutes of the Last Meeting – postponed till next meeting.  Kelly will email all the past minutes that have not been approved for everyone who was present at the meetings to read and be prepared to approve.
  4. Announcements and Correspondence – There were emails with Acton development questions and Jacki referred them all to Regional Planning to get their questions answered.  Mr Pappas sent the coverage maps for the proposed AT&T project and they will be put on the website.  The Board of Supervisors has a proposed motion to re-visit the drive thru ban looking for clarification as to what new drive thru means and that it doesn’t include existing drive thrus.  Animal Care & Control will be at the May 6th meeting to speak about what the community can do about off leash animals.
  5. Councilmembers Comments – Tom spoke about our efforts to get the drive thru ban and thanked Chuck for bringing the information to us.  The motion raises many questions.
  6.  Community Film Meeting – May 18 – The meeting may get pushed back to July to get all the important people there.  Chuck Bostwick will try to get an answer about the date by 4-16-2019.
  7.  Rural Broadband Funding – The FCC and the Trump Administration are funding 20 billion to bring high speed internet to rural areas.  No guidelines to try and obtain some of the money has been set.  Jeremiah wanted to see if there was community interest in pursuing this.  Jeremiah will spearhead the effort and contact Supervisor Barger, Katie Hill etc…  Jeremiah Owen made a motion to form a sub committee to look into the rural broadband initiative funding and contact elected representatives for support.  Tom Costan 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  8. Bylaw Review – The committee presented the proposed bylaws changes for the 2nd meeting.  They will be voted on at the next meeting.
  9. New Sheriff/Captain –  Deputy Martinez , Acton’s new resident deputy and Captain Schaffer, the new Palmdale captain both introduced themselves and gave a little background.  The ATC expressed the want to get time with the Sheriff to talk about Acton issues and maybe two part then have a meeting with the Sheriff, CHP and Fire.  Someone asked about the new substation.  They are still working with County Council on legal issues and lease.
  10. Unfinished/New Business – Jeremiah reached out to the CHP to try to get someone at our meetings.  Resident Troy Pieper has a contact in the CHP and he will forward that name.  Jacki will re-send the Business Administration letter for approval.  Letter regarding existing SCD’s and deadline for needing a CUP for their drive through should wait until after the Board of Supervisors meeting and motion.  Jacki announced that the letter regarding how the County looks at CUP’s for movie ranches is taking longer.
  11. Items for Next Agenda – Mr Papas AT&T proposed tower, Animal Care & Control, Bylaws review vote.
  12. Adjournment – 8:22pm
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