Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes, April 1, 2019, Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute, & Roll Call –  The meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by President Jeremiah Owen.  Present at the meeting – Jacki Ayer, Jeremiah Owen, Tom Costan, Dylan Lunde, and Kelly Teno.  Absent – Pam Wolter
  2. Community Comments – None
  3. Minutes of the Last Meeting – Tabled until the next meeting.  Kelly will put all the minutes from past meetings that have not been approved in an email to review before the next meeting.
  4. Treasurer Report – None
  5. Sheriff Report – We have received word that Deputy Soffa’s position as resident Deputy will be replaced by Deputy Martinez.  Jeremiah will reach out to the Palmdale Station.
  6. Library Report – Jim Wall announced that you can now get a 24 hour pass to the New York Times through the Library.  Must repeat every day.  The April Events were announced.
  7. Clean Power Alliance – Christian Cruz gave a little background on CPA and then gave a slide presentation.  CPA is a new electricity supply provider, offering clean energy.  They are a line item on your SCE Electricity bill.  Our area is represented by Neil Frommer from Altadena.  Supervisor Sheila Khuel represents the BOS.   Each home has the ability to opt out at 1-888-585-3788  Questions asked included: Where are the rules and regulations for CPA? The CPA has to follow state mandates and the PUC.  The CPA has to follow SCE rate changes and their rate changes must be based on SCE rate changes. It was pointed out that they should not do this: their rates should be based on actual cost to get the power to its customers.  This is especially important given that SCE’s rates have a healthy profit built into them.  He said he would take this comment back.  A resident asked about nuclear energy?  By the year 2025 there will be no more nuclear energy.  If I purchase Solar, my return is great.  Why doesn’t CPA offer or provide solar?  This is still on the table with talks about incentives.  What about SCE customers with solar and now banking with SCE. How will it Work?  The same as Edison.  Why would I want to remain in the program?  You need to look and see what your bill looks like.  More renewables at a discount rate.  Question was raised about representation through Supervisor Khuel and anyone who does not visit our area and know our circumstances.  We can go through Supervisor Barger or comment on the website.  It was brought up about how unique are area is and the impacts in the AV.  Vincent Hill Station, High Power Lines, Solar Forms (over 45,000 acres in AV).  So we really do not have representation?? Supervisor Khuel represents all the Supervisors.  It was brought up about rates and the large bite out of SCE buying rates.  What happens when they go to the PUC and needs more buying power and raise their rates, will CPA follow? That is right if SCE realizes they mismanaged and need a rate hike, CPA will follow.
  8.  Development at Sierra Hwy/Sunrise View,  Rebecca Fults – Was not present at the meeting.
  9.  AT&T Cell Site –  John Pappas from the Eukon Group came to present a proposed AT&T cell site at Soledad Canyon Road and Crown Valley Road.  The site that is across from Thousand Trails will be a 75Ft Water Tank and will be a normal standard cell site.  Plans have been submitted to the County and they came he came to the ATC to get feedback.  It was brought up to ask for a condition that First Net be on the tower since first responders don’t have good service or no service in the area, First Net will provide them with service.  The question was asked whether other providers would be able to piggyback on the tower?  They would be encouraged by the County to do so within 1/4 mile radius.  Mr Pappas agreed to email coverage maps down to a 50ft tower.  The community could then weigh in.   We could give AT&T an answer about how the public feels about 2 weeks after we get the maps.
  10. CUP Update – All existing drive throughs that don’t have CUP’s, Jack in the Box, McDonalds, car wash at Shell .  They had 5 years from the adoption of the AV Area Plan to apply for a CUP.  The way it reads if they don’t their drive throughs will have to be removed.  The ATC has asked the County what they are doing and are they in contact with these places, with no answer,  This is of concern because they need to apply by June 2019 (since this is a situation where they did not need a CUP originally).  It was discussed whether we should contact Regional Planning again and also contact the businesses.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to write an electronic letter to Regional Planning and cc the businesses with a paper copy, identifying the looming compliance date for their CUP.  What the county procedure is when a CUP needs to be applied for and what their backstop provision is.  Tom Costan 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  11. Announcements and Correspondence – Animal Control has not come back with a date to come to an ATC meeting.  We need enough time to give notice so people will come.  If a response does not come by Wednesday April 3rd then we need to push them to May.  2 emails were received about concerns of explosions from a film shoot.  An email was received about development.
  12. Councilmember Comments – Kelly Teno asked that everyone give her the important items from the March 16th meeting for the minutes, due to her absence.
  13. Committee Reports – The following committees gave reports: a – ARTC – Jacki attended last months meeting.  The ARTC will write a letter to the Supervisors with concerns about the Business Registration Ordinance.  They are sending a letter about Vision Zero and Jacki asked if they would include asking for coordination with Cal Trans.  h. Bylaws – meeting to go over the question revision will be on Friday April 5th, 9am at Perkin Up. j.  Beautification/Illegal Dumping – Illegal dumping seems to be picking up in Peaceful Valley.  We need to let the community know about the County App, The Works.  We need follow up on the list for Clean Mulch for the ARTC.  k.  Film Coalition- Jacki sent out some CUP’s that were recently approved for Movie Ranches to give us an idea what the Acton Movie Ranch CUP’s could look like.  Jacki discussed some of the concerning conditions.  A representative from Polsa Rosa spoke about how they are enforcing the conditions.  The County meeting to discuss conditions with all parties including the Community is set for Saturday May 18th, 10am at High Desert Middle School.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to write a letter to Regional Planning regarding CUP conditions on filming operations about 12.08 exemptions and dark skies exemptions.  Dylan Lunde 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  l.  Industrial Aesthetics – We need to question Daniel Garinger , cc Oscar Gomez about the big white dome.  m.  Traffic Safety – The School Board has agreed to write a letter to Vision Zero.  It was brought up about the work under the freeway at Crown Valley and needing to bring the dirt back down and to scarify the concrete for horses.  Need to check out the new 4way stop at Crown Valley and Escondido Canyon Road.  The sign coming from town towards the school is hard to see and maybe they need lights.  Need to contact Public Works about concerns.  It would be nice if we could get CHP at our meetings to talk about speeding.
  14. Unfinished Business/New Business – Chuck Bostwick will check on the BRP and when it will go to the BOS.  Spoke about SEA definition changes, road repair and maintenance will be exempt.
  15. Items for Next Agenda – Animal Care & Control pending confirmation.
  16. Adjournment – 10:10pm
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