Meeting Agenda 10/02/2017

1Flag Salute & Roll Call7:00
2Community Comments
Comments allowed on NON agenda items only
(2 min. allotment per speaker may be imposed)
3Minutes of Last Meeting - Kelly Teno5
4Treasure's Report - Pam Wolter5
5Sheriff's Report - Deputy Scott Short10
6Library Report - Jim Wall5
7Announcements & Correspondence158:00
8Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) Jacki Ayer208:10
9Community Standards District (CSD)108:30
10Traffic Safety108:55
11Filming and Film Permits - Chris Croisdale
12County Climate Action Plan (CCAP) - Jacki Ayer109:25
13Commendations & Logo - Russ Fawkes59:30
14Trash & Recyclables109:40
15Unpermitted Pre-existing Structures - Ruth Brock109:50
16AT&T Towers - Russ Fawkes1010:00
17Committee Reports4510:45
Planning, Coordination, Trails & Open Space, Open Space
Jacqueline Ayer
High Speed Rail
Pam Wolter
Publicity & Assoc. of Rural Town Councils
Finance Ways & Means
Community Standards & Decorum
Kelly Teno
Public Works & Utilities
Emergency Response & Disaster Planning
Tom Costan
Industrial Aesthetics
Ruth Brock
Election Committee Report
18Unfinished Business510:50
19New Business1011:00
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