Appeal filed today by Mr. Zerounian regarding the Primo Burger project

To the Acton Town Council,

Attached please find the appeal that was filed today by Mr. Zerounian regarding Approval Condition #19 imposed by the Regional Planning Commission on the approved Primo Burger project.  According to my conversations (yesterday)  with County Counsel and the Executive Office, a supervisor’s consideration of the appeal may not be constrained solely to matters raised in the appeal, rather it will contemplate relevant matters raised in testimony and placed in the record pursuant to the appeal hearing.

Additionally, the applicant requested that the hearing for the appeal occur in May, but it does not appear feasible to meet such a request given the administrative effort and public notice requirements that are required.  Therefore, it appears that the appeal would not occur before June.

I am cc’ing Mr. Cieplik of the Executive Office and Ms. Lemke of the County Counsel’s Office so they are aware of this communication.

Thank you

Jacqueline Ayer

Acton Town Council Correspondence Secretary

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One Comment:

  1. I do not believe Acton would benefit from another freeway access, drive-through fast food facility. Along Sierra Highway in Acton we already have three hamburger fast food drive-through restaurants. That is more than sufficient for this little rural town. Another establishment like this is going to severely impact especially locally owned operations like Grizzly Bear’s Burgers.

    Primo Burgers must not be approved!

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