Acton Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes February 15, 2016 Approved

  1. Flag Salute and Roll Call-  Meeting called to order at 7:38 PM.  Present at the meeting were the following ATC Board Members: Chris Croisdale, Tom Costan, Jacki Ayer, Katherine Tucker, Pam Wolter, Ray Billet and Kelly Teno.
  2. Minutes were postponed till the next meeting
  3. Treasurers Report: ATC checking account holds $1264.27
  4. Sheriffs Report: Deputy Short reported 7 crime related reports for January 2016.  The owner of Acton Vale Pharmacy asked Deputy Short if there was any news about the people who had been doing the robberies.  He said 2 people from Long Beach had been caught but they bailed out and will be out till trial, so they can commit robberies again.  One problem is that a judge can only have information to crimes they have committed in their jurisdiction.  Deputy Short said they are working to put all info together so hopefully it will be shared.  He said from 4pm on there is 1 car ,2 deputies from Lake Hughes to Acton.  The Sheriff has said if there is an alarm in Acton dispatch should send 2 to 3 cars.  Chris Croisdale will write a letter From ATC to Captain Kenner and Supervisor Antonovich asking for extra nighttime patrol for Acton.
  5. Library Report:  John Elford announced that Tax Forms should be coming in.  He also announced upcoming events which include their largest program of the year a Dr Suess Program on March 4, 2016.
  6. Announcements & Correspondences:  Tom Coston announced that the PO Box is due for renewal and we need to renew until the empty council seats are filled.  He will take care of the renewal.
  7. ATC 501C3/4-Update:  Chris Croisdale announced that the attorney is very busy and should have some information by the next meeting.
  8. Council Officer Elections:  To be done at the next meeting
  9. St. Mary’s Catholic Church Development Letter:  Jacki Ayer will write a letter stating the support of the ATC for the project but noting our concerns and changes.  We will readdress this at the next meeting.
  10. Discussion – Planned Community Survey re: Commercial Development  It was recommended that since all businesses might not meet the General Plan that the survey start off with a paragraph listing the larger items in The General Plan.  Then if someone recommends a type of business outside the boundries of the standards, they will need to give a good reason.  Tom suggested that we have a survey asking what type of questions ATC should ask the community.  Tom Costan will write a letter to the community to go in the Country Journal.  It will ask people to reply to the ATC website.
  11. Illegal Filming and Upcoming Road Closure of Soledad Canyon – Chris Croisdale reported that we have still not solved the road closure problem in Acton.  There was a full road closure of Soledad on Tuesday after Presidents Weekend.  Rep at Film LA said she didn’t realize that there was a problem with Soledad road closures and said Public Works authorized it.  Public works said they have never authorized a road closure of Soledad.
  12. Committee Reports: Pam Wolter reported on the HSR.  State Assemblyman Scott Wilk wrote a bill for the remaining 9 billion in HSR money to transfer over to solving water issues.  In order to go on the ballot it needs 585,000 signatures.  Pam Wolter has petitions to be signed, they need to be returned to the Hanford Group by April 11th.  Our goal is 1,000 signatures.                                                        It was brought up that maybe ATC should host an event  and invite all the Rural Town Councils to come and meet the people running for Supervisor Antonovich’s seat.  We should host it here in Acton, get the press there and make it a big event.  It was decided it should be in the middle of September, on a weekend. Pam will call the Junior High to see availability to have it there.  We need to set up a committee to set criteria.  Pam will start putting together people running for the seat and check their availability.                                                                                       Katherine that there are illegal signs by Escondido that are getting graffiti.  She is going to see what she can do to get them removed.                                                        Tom will redistribute the re-vised Bylaws for ATC to look at for mistakes.               It was reported by Thousand Trails that the CUP seems to be going in their favor.  Barnstormers is going forward with their plans.
  13. Unfinished Business – None
  14. New Business – None
  15. Open Forum – None
  16. Meeting Adjourned 9:25 pm                                                                                             Next meeting scheduled for 03/07/2016 @ 7:30 pm at the Library.
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