Acton Town Council – Meeting Minutes – 12/21/2015 – Draft

Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes – 12/21/2015 – Draft

  1. Flag Salute and Roll Call – Meeting Called to Order at 7:40 p.m. Present at the meeting were the following ATC Board Members:  Christopher Croisdale, Pam Wolter, Kelly Teno, and Katherine Tucker (Absent: Ray Billet, Jacqueline Ayer, and Tom Costan)
  2. Minutes of 12/7/2015 – Hard copy of Draft Minutes distributed to ATC for review.  Approval will be conducted at 1/4/2016 meeting.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: On hold until new Treasurer appointed.
  4. Sheriff’s Report: Deputy Short reported that there were several burglaries in Acton.  They targeted the following businesses in town:  Crazy Ottos, Perkin’ Up, Rustic Cafe, and the two pharmacies.  It was noted that the same group who committed the burglaries, also targeted businesses in Palmdale.  Dept. Short emphasized that it is important for businesses to empty the cash register at the end of the day.  A resident asked about how to report graffitti. Dept. Short said to report it to him first so that he can keep track of which gangs are targeting the area. He then will report it to the LA County Graffiti task force. A question was brought up about marijuana.  Dept. Short said that if one has a medical marijuana card, you can grow six mature and six immature plants per person. You can also smoke marijuana at home, or at a dispensary.  He also said that to grow marijuana for a collective, you have to be part of a doctor’s group.  If you have a medical marijuana card and you  purchase marijuana at a dispensary, you can transport it in the trunk of your car, not inside the car.  The penalty for having marijuana inside your vehicle while driving is still very expensive.
  5. SCE Report: No Report
  6. Library Report:  John Elford, Community Library Manager reported that there will be a “Covered California” meeting on 1/9/2015 and that there were interviews for the second Library Homework Center position.  He also announced that the library will be closed on Christmas and New Years Day and would be closed at 5:00 p.m. the day before  each holiday. Also announced was a “Fine Art Friday” event from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. – mini documentary on American and European artists from the National Gallery of Art.
  7. Announcements and Correspondence: a) A woman called the ATC who lives in the apartments near Crown Valley and Sierra Highway. She said that her daughter almost got hit in the off ramp of the 14 Freeway. She noted that there are NO crosswalks at the on and off ramps of the 14 Freeway and that groups of children  walk in these areas to and from school and the restaurants and library. Different options were discussed.  The ATC will speak to LA County Public Works at the meeting in January 2016. b) Christmas card received from Palmdale Regional Medical Center. c ) LA County Regional Planning Commission Agenda – it was noted that they were not meeting December 23 or December 30th. The next meeting will be on 1/6/2016. d) Letter from LA County Board of Supervisors received asking if the ATC still wanted to receive the Agenda.  Pam Wolter will respond and tell them that we would still like to receive the agenda and to see if there are electronic version options.
  8. 501 c3 / c4 – The process is going forward.  After January 1, 2016, Attorney Randall Fink will get back to the ATC.
  9. Committee Reports:
    1. Planning Coordination, Trails and Open Space: Jacqueline Ayer: No Report
    2. High Speed Rail: Pam Wolter – Ms. Wolter reported that Patty Lopez, San Fernando Assemblywoman and 5 other unnamed Democrats, are reconsidering their position in support of the High Speed Rail Project. Also, on 12/2/2015 there was a big meeting of the 6 major foothill communities and Dave De Pinto sent a letter to the High Speed Rail. He would like to have all of the environmental studies halted immediately.  He is asserting that the High Speed Rail Authority has not done anything they have promised.  The Hanford group’s Proposition 1A lawsuit is on track to start on 2/11/2016. Ms. Wolter also noted that Adam Cohen submitted a letter to the Sacramento Bee in which he stated that the High Speed Rail must comply with the requirements of Proposition 1A and the the High Speed Rail Authority cannot keep buying up properties and condemning others while the lawsuits are  pending.  It was also noted that drilling permits have been approved for the Angeles National Forest. And, finally, Chris Croisdale noted that the High Speed Rail Authority was supposed to contact everyone who commented on the Eastern Route.
    3. Publicity and Association of Rural Town Councils – Ray Billet and Tom Costan:  After the first of the year there will be a fund raiser.
    4. Finance Ways and Means: No Treasurer yet.
    5. By Laws and Community Standards: Revised By Laws are not yet posted.
    6. Public Works and Utilities: Christopher Croisdale: It was noted that Road repairs are being done above 1000  Trails and the bridge on the road near Shambala.
    7. Emergency Response and Disaster Planning:  Need a new contact
  10. Unfinished Business: Jacqueline Ayer prepared a letter from the Acton Town Council to each Supervisor on the LA County Board of Supervisors. The letter thanked them for their support on the Acton Town Council Appeal of the LA County Regional Planning Commission decision on the Taco Bell development. Letters were approved and signed and will be sent out. Animal Facility Ordinance Hearing – Resident Kathleen Trinity call the LA County Board of Supervisors twice to inquire when the hearing will be held on the Animal Facility Ordinance.  She has not received an answer.
  11. New Business: None
  12. Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

The next scheduled Acton Town Council meeting will be held on January 4, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at the Acton Agua Dulce Library located at 33792 Crown Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510.

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