September, 21 2015 Minutes – Approved

Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes – Final – 9-21-2015

  1.  Flag Salute and Roll Call – Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m..  Present at the meeting:  Chris Croisdale, Jacki Ayer, Kelly Teno, Ray Billet, Thor Merich, Pam Wolter, Katherine Tucker, Michael Hughes
  2. Minutes of 8/17/2015 approved.
  3. Treasurer’s Report:  $1798.27
  4. Sheriff’s Report:  Deputy Short
  5. SCE Report:  Patricia Bartoli-Wible
  6. Library Report:  Afternoon programs announced and  there is a new acting Librarian
  7. Announcements and Correspondence:
    1. Two replies received regarding Taco Bell project:  Karen DeVine – commented on the loss of our rural lifestyle if project goes through; Kurtis B.  – would like e-mail address of the LA County Planning Commission
    2. ATC Election:  two applications received.  One from Kelly Teno and one from Ray Billet.
  8. Acton Town Council 501 c3 / c4 update: need to provide Attorney Randall Fink with revised ATC by-laws.
  9. Christine Borzaga – Deputy for Supervisor Antonovich – not present at the meeting
  10. St. Mary’s Catholic Church presentation:  Jim Klosterman and Jackie Squires (Cunningham Group).  The church will seat 710 people and can also be used for emergency events.  The church property covers 30 acres.  Mr. Klosterman presented the 7 lot subdivision of the property. Several of the lots would be developed for residential. It was noted that since 1991 clustering has been avoided in Acton.  It is best if all of the lots to be subdivided are legal 2-acre lots. Mr. Klosterman was asked if preservation of Junipers was brought up as a factor by the Regional Planning. Mr. Klosterman said “No”. It was discussed that a right hand turn lane would be a item to discuss with LA County Public works to ease traffic and congestion on Crown Valley Road.  Also noted was the need for more character for the project – the building design was “flat”.  Possibly an easy addition would be to add character to the windows.  If the Taco Bell project goes through, a center median for Crown Valley may be needed.  The church still needs to do a traffic study.  The Acton Town Council will draft a letter in support of the project and note that a few items need to be addressed:  2-acre lot minimum on the subdivision, possible need for a right hand turn lane, and design of the building too flat.  It was also noted that the Hearing Officer for the project is Tyler Montgomery.
  11. Barnstormer’s BBQ Experience – Steve Harbeson/ Fred Hill.  Proposed BBQ restaurant at 1000 Trails.  The restaurant will have an aviation theme. They need the 1000 Trails CUP to be revised before they can open.  The ATC needs to see a copy of the 1000 Trails CUP.
  12. Taco Bell Planning Commission Approval, Jacki Ayer:  Ms. Ayer noted that Public Works did not require the Taco Bell project developer to provide a Traffic Signal Warrant analysis.  Ms. Ayer will send her traffic aAnalysis results to Public Works.  M. Hughes made a motion to appeal the Planning Commission approval of the Taco Bell project to the Board of Supervisors. The motion was seconded by Jacki Ayer.  The motion was voted on unanimously by the rest of the Acton Town Council. The appeal has to be submitted by 9/30/2015.  New petitions will be distributed to the community.
  13. Taco Bell Project – Community Input – 19 members of the audience signed up to oppose the Taco Bell project.  A list of names was received. K. Tucker to provide list of names.
  14. Acton Town Council By-law revision – Line item Discussion and voting.  Delayed until 10/5/15 meeting
  15. Committee Reports:
    1. Planning, Coordination, Trails & Open Space
      1. Animal Facility Ordinance – ATC position is that there have to be density limits, noise limits, and CUP required.  The revised ATC letter will include Kathleen Trinity’s comments.
      2. 9/30/2015 – Planning Commission hearing on proposed ordinance. It was discussed that it is better to physically go down to the hearing rather than participate via video conferencing.
    2. High Speed Rail, Pam Wolter: Pam noted that the Victorville to Las Vegas route has been getting press including information on Chinese investors for the project.
    3. Finance Ways and Means – Thor Merich
    4. By-Laws and Community Standards and Decorum- Michael Hughes
    5. Public Works and Utilities – C. Croisdale
    6. Emergency Response and Disaster Planning – M. Hughes
    7. Beautification, Illegal Dumping- K. Tucker
  16. Unfinished Business: Technical Update to Title 22 – Difficult to see what was changed since no strike out version was provided.  If parts were left out, what is the recourse?
  17. New Business:
  18. Adjournment:  10:05 p.m.

The next Acton Town Council meeting will be held on October 5, 2015 at the Acton Agua Dulce Library

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  1. Thank you for posting the minutes. This is very helpful to those of us who cannot attend meetings.

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