March 16, 2015 Minutes – Approved

Acton Town Council Minutes – 3-16-2015

Meeting called to order at 7:39 p.m. at the Acton Agua Dulce Library

1. Present at the Meeting:  Chris Croisdale, Michael Hughes, Ray Billet, Jacki Ayer, Pam Wolter, Katherine Tucker, Tom Costan. Absent:  Thor Merich

2. Minutes of 3-2-2015 – posted on Acton Town Council Website.  Hard copy of minutes will be furnished at the meetings.

3. Treasurer’s Report:  From 2/27/2015 – $1842.47

4.  Sheriff’s report: Deputy Short 661-272-2571 – There was an arrest in town for rape.  The resident was convicted and sentenced for 92 years.  Deputy Short said that the resident who is threatening the neighbors does not train dogs for the California Highway Patrol. Chris Croisdale said that there is more activity in the area of 1000 Trails.  Chris has invited the new manager to the Acton Town Council meeting.  Chris also said that there is a man who was evicted from 1000 Trails who is now living in the riverbed.  Deputy Short said that he is investigating.

5.  SCE Report: Discussion on FAA lights on the TRTP project.  Ms. Bartoli-Wible said that SCE places lights on the towers which meet FAA criteria and that there is different criteria for the towers in the Angeles National Forest.  Jacki Ayer said that SCE needs to mitigate the effect of the lights on the residents and asked to have a “sit down” with SCE.  Jacki said that the CPUC said that SCE needs to select lights which shine up and are shielded from below.  Jacki said that it’s the middle lights on the towers that are causing the problem.

6.  Library Report:  No report

7.  Announcements and Correspondence:  a)Ray introduced a letter from the Association of Rural Town Councils (ARTC) on the LA County Draft Renewable Energy Ordinance.  C. Croisdale asked J. Ayer to review.  Jacki said that she has already reviewed the letter and has drafted her own letter to Regional Planning. Jacki Ayer made a motion to have the ATC have a signature block on the ARTC letter.  Michael Hughes seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously The Regional Planning Commission hearing on the Draft Renewable Energy Ordinance will be on March 18, 2015.  J. Ayer and several ATC members will be attending.  b) Letter received from Barbara Filer regarding the 5 acres she owns and wants to divide into 2 parcels. c) Letter received from Alan Laslovich regarding the LA County Juniper Tree Ordinance and his property. It was noted that this is a “policy” and not an ordinance. It was also noted that the County cannot have a policy that is not rooted in code.  Norm Hickling said that he would look into this matter. Jacki Ayer said that she would coordinate with Norm on the matter. d) Bob Crosins has questions about the  zoning his property.  It’s the piece of property behind “I’ve Been Framed”.  Mr. Crosins will need to speak with Carl Nadela from Regional Planning.  d) Colin O’Reilly letter received regarding the restoration of the berm on Forest Ridge to direct rain run off. e) Antelope Valley Illegal Dumping Task Force – letter received soliciting community input on what resources they can provide.

8.  Update on 501 c3/c4 and Liability Insurance: Mr. Randall Fink will form the 501 c4 for the ATC. Michael Hughes will be the liaison for the ATC with Mr. Randall Fink.  Two quotes have been received for the Liability Ins.  – one quote is for $1200 and it will insure the ATC Board members.  One quote was for $900 and does not include the ATC Board members.

9.  Committee Reports:

  • Planning, Coordinating, Trails and Open Space, Recreation Committee – Jacqueline Ayer – a) The Regional Planning Commission hearing on the Draft Renewable Energy Ordinance will be on March 18, 2015.  J. Ayer made a motion that as many ATC members attend this meeting as possible.  M. Hughes seconded the motion.  b) Draft ATC Declaration letter to High Speed Rail – M. Hughes made a motion to adopt the letter and send to HSR.  T. Costan seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.  M. Hughes said that he would follow up with Thor.
  • High Speed Rail – Pam Wolter – a) The Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser for High Speed Rail was very successful and well organized.  The accounting is still being calculated. Pam Wolter reported that Geneviva  said that several properties in Acton have allowed HSR to enter for their surveys.  HSR will start their surveys soon. b) Santa Clarita will form a Coalition against HSR.  M. Hughes made a motion for the ATC to join this Coalition.  J. Ayer seconded the motion.  It was passed unanimously.  J. Ayer will contact Santa Clarita.  c) Scott Wilke AB6 – a letter campaign to suppport this bill is needed.  The bill proposes to take the bond money targeted for HSR and use it for education in California.
  • Publicity and Association of Rural Town Councils Committee – Tom Costan and Ray Billet:  a) Acton Town Council website- is up. The existing by-laws are up. and the draft of the revision will go up for review.  Residents need to go on the web site and “subscribe”.  An announcement to encourage people to do this will go in the Country Journal.
  • Finance Ways and Means – Thor Merich – no report
  • By-laws Committee – Michael Hughes – There is a draft revision that will be posted on the ATC webpage for community input.
  • Public Works and Utilities Committee – C. Croisdale – No report
  • Community Standards and Decorum, Michael Hughes – Next meeting is 4/22/2015
  • Beautification and Illegal Dumping – K. Tucker -Antelope Valley Illegal Dumping Task Force – letter received soliciting community input on what resources they can provide. Resources include roll-off bins, Community Clean up Events, “no Dumping” signs, Vouchers to dispose of unwanted items at the landfills.  Comments need to be received by 4/6/2015.
  • Emergency Response and Disaster Planning – Michael Hughes – Nothing new.


  • Community Center Liaison – M. Hughes – he will attend the next meeting
  • Chamber of Commerce – Pam Wolter – reported that the President of the Chamber of Commerce – Wendy Moore, is planning a parada
  • School Board – Lillian Smith – Budget is in good shape for the Acton Agua Dulce School District and they have received a positive certification.
  • Friends of Acton Park – ATC is still looking for a liaison for the Friends of Acton Park. They hold their meetings at private homes.
  • The Women’s Club – Pam Wolter – Pam announced that the Women’s Club is having their annual Rummage Sale.  It will be held at the Presbyterian Church.  It is the main fundraiser for scholarships.
  • Boy Scouts of America – Tom Costan- update to come
  • Girl Scouts of America  – No liaison

10. Unfinished Business: none

11. New Business: a) Proposed Rite Aide Development – Matt Stowe and Ed Horvitz – RDS Partners – Real Estate Developers.  They are currently purchasing the 3.5 piece of property on the northwest side of Antelope Woods and Crown Valley.  They are proposing a 10,5000 square foot Rite Aide store.  It will sell alcohol and it will have a drive through for pharmaceuticals only.  Hours are to be determined.  Mr. Stowe and Horvitz said that they have read and understood the Acton Community Standards. They said that they are not asking for any variances.  A proposed rendering of the property was presented – Western style and use of drought resistant plants.  They are proposing to develop 1.5 acres of the 3.5 acre property.  The developers were asked to submit the documents required on the developer checklist to the ATC.  They were also asked how many customers were needed to make the store successful and if they were planning on drawing from the freeway for their customers. Also, they were asked what percentage of their sales is anticipated to come from alcohol sales. The property is zoned C-2 – this is neighborhood commercial. The intent of C-2 is to be neighborhood serving, not freeway serving. It was brought up to the developers that the AV Area Wide Plan “strongly discouraged traffic signals”.  A traffic study and drainage plan will have to be submitted.  Rite Aide is coming back to the community on 4/20/2015 to present more information.  b) Tom Costan spoke to Scott Keller of the Agua Dulce Town Council (ADTC). The ADTC would like to “team up” with the Acton Town Council on HSR and attend the ATC meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 10:50 p.m.

Next scheduled meeting 4/6/2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Acton Agua Dulce Library

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