Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes March 18, 2019 Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute, &Roll Call – Minutes written by Jacqueline Ayer, Corresponding Secretary –  The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm by President Jeremiah Owen.  Present at the meeting:  Tom Costan, Jeremiah Owen, Jacki Ayer, Dylan Lunde.
  2. Community Comments – Three Acton residents spoke about recent vicious dog attacks and the slow response that came from Animal Care and Control.  It was recommended that the ATC contact ACC and request that a member of ACC attend an upcoming meeting to discuss it.  A resident was asked why we did not have anyone from the California Highway Patrol at our meetings; the ATC should follow up with this.
  3. Announcements and Correspondence – We were contacted by an Acton resident asking if anyone was having difficulty purchasing propane.  If not, please let her know from whom she can purchase propane.  A resident indicated that they have not had trouble purchasing from Amerigas; the ATC will pass that information on to her.  Clean Power Alliance will be at the ATC meeting on April 1.
  4. Sheriff’s Report – None
  5. Councilmember Comments – None
  6. RV/Boat Storage Project – Mr Wehunt –  Mr Wehunt did not attend
  7. LA County Vision Zero Initiative – Alexis Lantz presented a Vision Zero Initiative and gave a presentation on the types of road modifications the County is looking at to increase pedestrian safety.  She was asked what can be done to reduce speed limits in key areas; she said that state law currently limits the County’s ability to set limits but that these laws are changing.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to write a comment letter in support of the County’s Vision Zero Plan to the extent it applies to the community of Acton.  The motion carried.  Jacki will write the letter.
  8. OHV Enforcement Grant –  Tom Costan made motion to write a letter of support for the County’s OHV Enforcement Grant application.  The motion carried.  Tom will write the letter.
  9. CalTrans –  A discussion of the work being done by CalTrans on the east side of Crown Valley under the 14 freeway was convened.  The work is being done by a CalTrans contractor and according to the stamped, signed, and approved plans that the contractor is working from, CalTrans approved the project on July 24, 2017.  CalTrans made no effort to contact anyone in the community before the project was approved and before work was initiated.  Lynn Davis and Ed Porter from AADUSD announced at a recent AADUSD meeting that the work is being done because in early 2018, AADUSD asked the County and CalTrans to improve safety in the vicinity of the Middle School; however, the project was approved long before the AADUSD ever contacted CalTrans.
  10. Committee reports – None
  11. Unfinished/New Business – It was asked what was going on with our request for a meeting with County to discuss filming problems; Chuck said he would follow up.  It was also recommended that the ATC request to have a quarterly meeting with DPW about traffic.  It was asked what the status is of CUPs required for Jack in the Box, McDonalds, and Shell since the Rural Commercial zoning ordinance was passed – They need CUPs by 2020.  This will be put on the next agenda.  The revised Draft SEA Ordinance makes “road repair” activities subject to the SEA but “road maintenance” is exempt from the SEA; it was also pointed out that it was not known what “intensification of use” means.  Jacki will followup with DRP on this.
  12. Items for Next Agenda – Drive Through CUP.
  13. Adjournment – not recorded.
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