Proposed Starbucks at Santiago Square

Dear residents of Acton,

Thank you for reaching out regarding the proposed Starbucks in Santiago Square; the Acton Town Council (ATC) shares your concern about the proposed development. To be clear, the ATC does not have the ability to approve or deny any development. The Town Council’s main responsibility is to make the county aware of the community’s needs and desires, and to hold the County accountable by ensuring all developments comply with the Acton Community Standards (CSD), zoning code, and the AV Area Plan.

The ATC was not informed by the County of the proposed Starbucks; the ATC learned about development by inquiring about a site plan revision.

In response to the proposed development, the Town Council is writing a letter to Regional Planning voicing the following concerns:

— The location is DP zoned. (DP Zoned property cannot be freeway serving)

— If there is a traffic impact that would require a traffic signal, a CUP is required (even if the use is “by right”)

— Parking sufficiency

— The limit of only one fast food business in Santiago Square (as defined by the current CUP)

— Need for trails in accordance with Acton CSD

— Freeway oriented pole signage is prohibited by the Acton CSD

The Acton Town Council is very concerned about the potential impacts of the proposed development on our community, it’s residents, and local businesses. We encourage you to further reach out to the following offices to voice your concerns as well, please reference: “Proposed Revisions to Exhibit “A” approved 1988 with CUP 87-240 [APN 3057-019-004]” in your correspondence.

Richard Claghorn (LA County Department of Regional Planning. – [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Deputy County Supervisor to Kathryn Barger, Donna Tremeer. – [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisor, Kathryn Barger. –[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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