Acton Town Council Meeting Agenda 04/16/2018

18Acton Town Council
PO Box 810
Acton, CA 93510
Next Mtg
7:00 p.m.
1Call to Order, Flag Salute, Roll Call7:00
2Minutes of Last Meeting - K. Teno 57:00-7:05
3Community Comments - Non-agenda items only107:05-7:15
4Announcements & Correspondence107:15-7:25
5Councilmembers Comments157:25-7:40
6CPUC Intervenor Compensation - J. Ayer207:40-8:00
7Flooding in Acton - Discussion and development of recommendations for DPW Flood Control Staff. Results of J. Ayer telephone call.108:00-8:10
8Significant Ecological Area Ordinance - Discussion of Proposed Ordinance released on March 14th. 60 day public review. - J. Ayer108:10-8:20
9CSD - status and prep for May 22nd meeting with DRP58:20-8:25
10Filming Coalition Status Report - R. Brock58:25-8:30
11Emergency Preparedness - Status Report - R. Peters108;30-8:40
12Quiet Zone - R. Peters58:40-8:45
13Proposed Septic Ordinance Discussion158:45-9:00
14SRTS Status - J. Ayer109:00-9:10
15Unfinished/New Business
*Subdivision proposal from Mr./Mrs. Knox
17Agenda items for next meeting:
Presentation/discussion re SEA - Iris Chi, Joseph Decruyenare/DRP
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