Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes July 17, 2023, Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute, & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 6:31pm by President Jeremiah Owen.  Present at the meeting: Jacki Ayer, Jeremiah Owen, June Perkins, Tom Costan, Kelly Teno. Pam Wolter by Zoom.
  2. Community Comments –  A gentleman announced that he had opened a substance abuse treatment facility called Bright Mission Recovery off of Via Famero.  It is for private paying clients only who are vetted.  The facility can only hold up to six people.  They are licensed through the State.  Jacki asked if he had a flyer and if he would be willing to come to a future meeting as an agenda item.
  3. Correspondence –
  4. Library Report – All events are on the website   The library is a cooling center.
  5. Local representative Report –  None
  6. Sheriff’s Report – June Report- 1Part One Crime, 4 Part Two Crimes.  Overall crime is down.  He was asked if there were any water issues with the 4th of July Parade like last year.  Not that he was aware of.
  7. BESS Update – ATA/ATC – County Report Due Back July 21 –  The Petition Count is at 1744, with more signature pages coming in.  Acton Takes Action is keeping the community updated through their website, Facebook and Nextdoor.  A Public Records Request Email came back today.  Jacki will circle back to give clarification on the project we are looking for communication.  Should we ask the School Board that if they are approached by a developer that they contact us and collaborate with the ATC.  Jacki Ayer made a motion that we send a representative (Jeremiah Owen) and send as a community announcement to address the CBO portion of AB205 and community benefits for the school district.  June Perkins 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  8. Proposed 250 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility –  There is a proposed nursing facility next to Valley Sage.  WE have asked the planner to listen in on their One Stop Meeting.  Jacki spoke about the facility not being a By Right Use and they may have to do a General Plan Amendment.  We received an email stating that the County will alert us to the One Stop meeting.
  9. Corporate Mail Box vs Process Service – We need to make a decision on what to do about our corporate mailbox.  One option is to go to using a service company who will give us a physical address and they would take our mail and scan it and send it to us.  Tom Costan made a motion to establish a Service of Process Company for a LLC mailbox.  Jacki Ayer 2nd the motion. The motion carried.
  10. CWP and meeting with DRP/Fire/DPW –  This is about an ordinance about paving roads, the changes would include private and future streets.  A concern is that residents will start chaining off property.  The ATC reached out with our concerns and asked for a meeting.  We will be meeting with all the agencies the week of July 20th.  The Sheriff spoke about the roads that are hard for vehicles to get up if they are not off road vehicles.  He also stated that they do not want to get rid of the dirt roads in Acton.  Fire Department 81 has 2 off road vehicles and Department 80 are scheduled to get one or two.  Jacki asked that he send a list of the roads that are impassable so that we can share that list with the County.
  11. Middleton Ranch – There CUP may be going to the County soon.  The ATC received an email that spoke about getting a new CUP.  Jacki will reach out to Sam Dea for clarification.
  12. Committee Reports – The following Committees had reports. a. Education – Do we have a need to find a chair?  ARTC – Dark this month.  Utilities – Jacki spoke about an email to Judge Rambo & Judge Ferguson and the misrepresentations .  Should we continue the ADR process.  Beautification and Illegal Dumping – Tammy Necessary announced that the task force will be out  this coming weekend at lower Crown Valley to Thousand Trails.  They have been seeing more trash bags from grow houses.
  13. Bylaws – Tabled until next agenda
  14. Minutes –  Tabled until next agenda
  15. Councilmember Comments –  Tom brought up that we had a nice meeting today with Supervisor Barger and it gives us faith.  June announced that the fire department put out the fire up Crown Valley very fast.  Jeremiah Owen spoke of the great meeting with Supervisor Barger and the 4th of July Parade was a great event.  Jacki spoke of the 4th of July Parade and being happy to see all the Fire Department, Forestry and Hot Shots in the parade.  Kelly thanked the community for coming out to the ATC meeting.
  16. Unfinished/New Business – None
  17. Items for Next Agenda –  Election, Billboards, Bylaws, Minutes
  18. Adjournment –  9:18pm


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