Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes, May 16, 2022, Approved

  1. Closed Session – 6;30pm  Jacki spoke about the SCE testimony and the email back and forth flurry along with not getting data request answer.  There was a motion to add two weeks to the testimony and judge granted it.  Edison has asked if we would agree to a Alternative Dispute Resolution and Jacki has said yes ( we can still reject the arbitration decisions).  Jacki needs to know what are our asks.  After discussing we came up with two asks, #1 No helipads or temporary helipads on any private land in Acton.  #2 For SCE to say they were wrong and did not follow procedure or flight plan.  Adjourned at 6:40PM
  2. Call to Order, Flag salute, & Roll Call –  The meeting was called to order at 6:54pm by President Jeremiah Owen, followed by the Flag Salute.  Present at the meeting – Tom Costan, Jacki Ayer, Jeremiah Owen, Pam Wolter and Kelly Teno
  3. Community Comments – Non Agenda Items – None
  4. Correspondence –  Jacki’s report included that there was a request to put old Notices of Violations that have not been cleared on the Agenda.  There is a group who is trying to help residents who have fixed their violations to get them cleared.  Some violations go back years and the residents cant get them removed.  The group is having a meeting on May 26th at 6pm and is asking anyone who has a NOV problem to attend.  We can put it on the June 6th agenda.  On May 30th at 9:30am we have been invited to a veteran dedication at the Community Center.  The LA County Fire department will be discussing Brush Clearance at the May 25th ARTC meeting.  It is at 6:30pm and is open to the public.  Emails have been answered or forwarded to the proper groups.
  5. County Water Plan –  Terri Alex spoke about projects and updates for Acton.  there were 2 valves/hydrants that they did maintenance on.  The Government is calling for a 20% reduction in water use and we will hear about restrictions that will be implemented in the next few weeks.  There was alot of discussion about how Acton has no representation with regards to the Water Plan.  Well owners make up the largest part of Acton and they have no representation with the local water agency.  It is a frustrating position to be in and the people working on the Water Plan are all urban planners.  The County should a  person representing us.  One major concern is keeping water from our basin here and not going to areas that have no basin.   Jacki went over all the information we have requested on the pipeline that is going up Sierra Highway for the new housing project.
  6. Climate Action Plan –  The recent workshop had very few people in attendance.  The DEIR is coming out in about a month.  Jacki stated that it is difficult to look at the plan without the DEIR.  Jacki spoke about the amount of solar that will be needed to complete the county decarbonization plan.  They need to prioritize where they look to apply decarbonization.  Areas that have power shut offs will freeze.
  7. SCE Battery 400 Mega Watt Storage Facility –  The facility is proposed west of Carson Mesa  Road and  Angeles Forest Highway.  We should ask the CPUC to see the permit to construct the battery storage, since there was no outreach to our community.  Needs to be on our next agenda and Jacki will reach out to Tina Carlon at the County.
  8. Traffic Calming Stop Signs – Sierra/Soledad and Sierra/Red Rover –  Spoke about the speeds and accidents going through both areas.  There are three places in need of stop signs due to safety issues, Red Rover Mine Road and Sierra Highway, Wisconsin and Soledad Canyon Road, Sierra Highway and Soledad Canyon Road at the 14 Freeway.  Jacki sent an email to the County asking to talk about safety issues and stop signs after we were asked about Wisconsin by Lynne from the school district.  We need to organize a field trip and have traffic department come out.  Deputy Martinez suggested we call the Newhall CHP and ask for speed traps to be set up.  Jeremiah will reach out.
  9. Minutes Discussion –  Kelly passed out all the minutes completed to date and asked everyone to make any changes
  10. Councilmember Comments –  Tom spoke about Starlink and how he feels it saved his internet.
  11. Unfinished/New Business –  The ATC received a letter from Regional Planning about Cactus Creek and it should be on the next Agenda.
  12. Items for Next Agenda –  Cactus Creek, NOV’s, CAP
  13. Adjournment -9:31pm
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