Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes, April 02, 2018 Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute, & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by President Russ Fawkes.  Present at the meeting were Tom Costan, Rob Peters, Russ Fawkes, Jeremiah Owen, Pam Wolter, Ruth Brock, and Kelly Teno.  Absent – Dylan Lunde, and Jacki Ayer.
  2. Community Comments – None
  3. Minutes of Last Meeting – Pam Wolter made a motion to accept the minutes as amended.  Ruth Brock 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  4. Treasurer Report – Account Balance – $1,119.05.  Receipts – None  Disbursements – $125.27
  5. Sheriff Report – Captain Kneer will let us know when a new sheriff is named.
  6. Library Report – April events were announced
  7. Speaker Linda Wucherpfennig and Chris Minsal , Littlerock Dam – They talked about the grassroots effort to reopen the dam.  The effort started in October, 2017 and they gave their actions to date.  Their Facebook page is Littlerock Dam/Best Dam Group.  They were asked if they can let us know when they are doing a group tour.  They asked us to set some Saturday dates and let them know.
  8. Announcements and Correspondence – Ruth spoke about the email from Pearl Esparza and gave a handout about the CPUC.  Since Jaki did the work on this it will be put on the next agenda to make a decision.  Russ announced the Blood Drive at the Ranger Station on April 3, 2018 and he thanked Jeremiah for the Facebook page and how nice it looks.
  9. Councilmembers Comments – Pam commented about a phone call she received from a long time resident.  They were concerned about a property at Acton Canyon and Sand Creek.  A half of a manufactured home has been brought there along with a lot of other illegal stuff.  They are looking to the ATC for help.  Pam will check it out.  Russ commented on an email asking for our support on ALADS.  We don’t understand how they want us involved.  Tom commented on the ATC emails about the magic jack.  We can call out on a cell phone and it could be used for any outgoing calls that are not developers. Tom was asked if he could get the developer submittal page working.  Ruth commented about the test email she sent to see who was receiving their ATC mail sent to their personal email.
  10. Committee Reports – a. ARTC – Reported on the SEA Flyer given out by the County at the last ARTC meeting.  The County is coming to our May 7th meeting to speak on the SEA Ordinance.  b.  Planning and Coordinating – none   c.  Publicity – Asked if Tom would like Jeremiah to help him with this.  He said yes.  d.  Social Media – none  e.  Finance Ways and Means – Reported about a possible fundraiser.  Pam has about 200 bumper sticker.  Could put an order form on our website and put them for sale at local businesses and at our meetings.  Suggested donation $5.00and while supplies last.  f.  Community Standards/Decorum –  Reported on the first public meeting and reminded the date for the next public meeting.  g.  Trails, Open Space, and Recreation – none  h. Utilities – None  i.  Bylaws – The bylaws were presented to the council and audience.  Tom Costan made a motion to accept the Bylaws with the changes and clarifications discussed at the April 2, 2018 meeting.  Rob Peters 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  j.  Emergency Response & Disaster Planning – Reported about the planning meeting Saturday April 7, 2018, 4:00pm at the Pizza Factory.  This was posted on our website and a request was made to be on the next ATC agenda.  k. High Speed Rail –  Not much going on.  They are in the process of doing an audit.  l.  Industrial Aesthetics –  Reported about an accident on Crown Valley Road and Roberts Road.  There is a need to have a 25 mph in front of the park because of children present.  Talked about Acton Takes Action taking this over.  n.  Film Coalition –  Acton is still waiting for their meeting with the County to present our list of filming directions.  It was talked about sending our list to the people that were at the Agua Dulce meeting.  o.  Safe Routes to Schools –  Spoke about Jacki’s letter.  Tracey Costan is working on getting a letter stating the approval by Supervisor Barger.  p. Beautification & Illegal Dumping – Trying to get a first meeting together.
  11. Unfinished Business/New Business – Flooding in Acton –  Jacki was going to contact the County to find out about the newest ideas about natural flood control.  Russ has not heard from her so he will attempt to find out some information.
  12. Items for Next Agenda – SEA Draft Discussion, Intervenor Compensation,  CSD, Emergency Response, Flooding.
  13. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 pm
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