Acton Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes February 01, 2016 Approved

  1. Flag salute and Roll Call – Meeting called to order at 7:32 pm by President Christopher Croisdale.  Present at the meeting were the following: Christopher Croisdale, Tom Coston, Ray Billet, Pam Wolter, Jacki Ayer, Katherine Tucker, and Kelly Teno.
  2. Minutes of Last Meeting – Meeting Minutes for 12/21/2015 and 1/04/2016 Approved.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Pam reported $1,264.27 in the bank account.
  4. Sheriff’s Report – Deputy Short reported 40 incidents for December 2015.  There was a spike because of the burglaries in town.  Two of the burglars have been caught, they think there are others involved and that they are from down south.
  5. Library Report – Amanda the Children’s Librarian reported in John Elfords absence.  She announced the schedule for February 2016.  Tom Coston asked for John Elfords email.  It is [email protected]
  6. Announcements and Correspondences – Katherine reported that the Mira Loma Women’s Jail has extended the comment period on the Environmental Impact.  Pam needed a decision to be made on what to do with the agendas from the BOS and Regional Planning that come weekly in the mail.  Pam will go through the BOS agendas and Jacki will go through Regional Planning agendas to pull out info pertinent to Acton.
  7. ATC 501C3/4 – Chris reported that Randall Fink is approximately half way through and will probably have something to report next month.
  8. Development of NW corner of Sierra Hwy/Crown Valley  Starbucks  Presentation Mark Hong KORUS Real Estate –  Mark Hong of KORUS Real Estate representing Annie Knorr, property owner presented a proposal from Starbucks.  Before going forward they wanted to hear the response from the ATC and the community.  Starbucks would want a drive thru and a freeway visible sign.  They feel it would enhance our community, but would need freeway traffic to survive.  Mark Hong said this is not a new development since it would be going into an already established center.  He said it would bring revenue and jobs to our city.  He stated that the septic has been an issue and is now being maintained by the owner.  ATC remarks :  Chris corrected Mark Hong and said we are a town and not a city and receive no revenue from businesses.  Also our CSD’s call for no traffic signals and that traffic is already heavy at certain times and a drive thru brings more traffic.  He feels that if a franchise or business wishes to come to Acton they should look at our standards and comply with them, not Acton having to comply with the franchise or business.  Mark Hong said that it would all depend on our definition of freeway serving and community serving and what a business like Starbucks would do for us.  Jacki said she cannot see how having a drive thru and freeway sign could ever comply with our General Plan.  So how could the ATC ever say yes to this.  Our General Plan states that there cannot be any more development than the community can support and it relies on the freeway for the majority of its business.  8 years ago Carls Jr wanted to come into the same space.  They were denied because of the parking limitations.  There would not be enough parking to accommodate all the building.
  9. Development of NW corner of Sierra Hwy/Crown Valley  Starbucks  Community Comments –  Chris opened the floor to community comments.  One resident expressed that she felt the property owner should be allowed to develop her property and that the ATC was only trying to stop her.  It was explained that we were only listening and giving feedback according to the General Plan.  That the ATC is not against businesses.  Other community comments included; we don’t want drive thrus;  Acton already has four businesses that serve what Starbucks does why do we need more.  It would hurt the businesses already here;  Businesses should be to the size of our town not our town having to size up to them; the Property owner stated that most prospective tenants want a drive thru;  it was suggested that the owner look at other franchise models that don’t use drive thrus; many Starbucks don’t have drive thrus why do they need one here;  Mark Hong said that Starbucks needs the freeway to survive in Acton because Acton does not have a large enough population.  The Management Company is working to fill the property;  Jacki thanked him for being honest.  In addition there were many comments about the septic odor outside Don Chatos, and that the problem had not been fixed.  The owner said she would look into it and that residents should call the Management Company about septic odors.
  10. Primo Burger Application  Discussion Jacki Ayer – Jacki announced the Regional Planning Hearing for March 9, 2016 but no package has been posted yet. A traffic study has not been done yet and we need to ask that one be done and that it includes all the approved developments that will impact the area.  She also stated that a previous ATC had approved the zone change for the project but no drive thru.  A new plan came out later to include a drive thru which they are still seeking.  This will be addressed at the next ATC meeting when we see who can attend the hearing.
  11. Open Council Seats  Discussion – Two applications have been turned in.  The applicants have not been attending meetings which the ATC members feel is important to understand issues we are facing.  The seats will be left open as of now and we will continue advertising.
  12. Council Officer Elections Discussion – Due to time this will be discussed at the next meeting.
  13. Antonovich Field Office Meeting Discussion – Chris reported on the meeting with the ATC with Antonovich’s office and departments.  Present were ATC members,Chris Croisdale,Jacki Ayer, Katherine Tucker, Ray Billet, Pam Wolter, and Kelly Teno along with Film LA, DPW, Sheriff Dept, and DRP.  Discussed at the meeting were filming issues, permits, and filming road closures in Acton.  Road study and traffic analysis concerns with DPW pertaining to new building projects.  Discussion of the AV Plan and the definition of intensity and rural and urban questions with DRP.  Residents voiced their concerns about early morning traffic on Sierra Hwy between Santiago and Crown Valley.  Many traffic laws are being ignored and there are lots of safety issues.  Jacki said she would bring this to the attention of DPW to see if anything can be done to make it safer.
  14. Committee Reports – Planning, Coordination, Trails & Open Space – No Report  High Speed Rail – Pam reported that channel 4 News was at resident Dale Bybee’s property to report on a call received about a cemetery on his property.  The caller felt it was a ruse by the group against the High Speed Rail, so that the property cant be built on.  So HSR in Acton got a little attention.  A resident reported that someone he knows up Arrastre Cyn got a survey letter from HSR.  Pam asked him to have them contact her.  Publicity & Assoc of Rural Town Councils – No Report  Finance Ways & Means – No Report  By-Laws – No Report  Public Works & Utilities – No Report  Emergency Response & Disaster Planning – No Report  Beautification, illegal Dumping & Perspective – No Report
  15. Unfinished Business – None
  16. New Business – None
  17. Open Forum – No Speakers
  18. Adjournment  meeting was adjourned at 9:34 pm  next meeting scheduled for 2-15-2016 @7:30pm at the library.
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