Unscheduled ATC Meeting Wednesday, 04-13-2016, 7pm

Purpose Community Discussion of  the recent Planning Commission’s ruling (Primo/Country Club Feed) allowing unrestricted commercial retail use in a commercial rural zone, the traffic study which assumes specialty retail not unrestricted commercial retail and the lack of provisions for the Darrell Redmond trail. The Agenda can be found here… agenda All community members …

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SCE Community Forum – Thursday, May 21

Learn More About: Southern California Edison (SCE) programs and services including discounted rates and economic assistance programs Emergency Planning, Preparedness & Public Safety Capacity Building & Toolkit for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations “Meet the Funders” in your region and how to access grants and sponsorships Open

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There are not many variations of Gibberish in the English-speaking world. They use -itherg-, “thg”, -elag-, -itug-, -uthaga-, -uvug-, -idig-, -atheg- (th in then and the two vowels are pronounced with a schwa), and -adeg-. The dialects are given different names. Another form of gibberish known as allibi is spoken …

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