Proposed Dollar General

For those who wish to let the developer of the potential Dollar General your thoughts and/or concerns please contact them at:


***DUE TO COVID 19, the Acton Town Council has been unable to meet, the developer is pushing forward with plans and the Council deemed it necesarry to gather what they are proposing so we can inform the community***


Notes from Telephonic information exchange on June 17 2020
DG Acton - Preliminary Plans & Elevations (1)
051520 DG Acton, CA - Aerial (1)
P1_DG_Acton_Landscape_PRELIM_MAY_27_2020 (1)
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  1. Ummmm no! Developers need to go away and leave our town alone!!!!!

  2. Our town does not need a Dollar General or a car dealership. Keep Acton rural!

  3. No we’re good the way are. The bargain store is great.

    • Acton does not need a Dollar General OR any other chain business. It has no purpose or place here. It will have a negative impact on our community and will only increase homelessness and crime. Which has been a problem in that area. Is that how we want Acton to be percevied? All the storage yards filled with junk does not help matters. They are major eye sores and degrade the aesthetics of our rural community. Dollar General would do the same. Development is inevitable, but how it is done is what is important. NO DOLLAR GENERAL!!! Let’s keep Acton rural. The town has so much to offer with history, farms, equestrian, animal sanctuaries, small businesses, home businesses, etc…..and Acton needs to keep on that path.

  4. No, we don’t need either one. I moved to Acton for the way it is. The stores we have I love supporting because they are local businesses. Don’t want big business taking away from the locals.

  5. Rachel Rosenfeld

    We dont need any of this in our community. The bargain store is good enough. If you need dollar store go to Palmdale, and if you need a car go to Palmdale or Valencia. Keep this town the way it is that’s why most of us live here.

  6. Thank you for being open-minded and doing due diligence. What is best for our community should be the question. Will this community of Acton significantly Benefit from either a Dollar General or a car dealership? Will it make our community a better place for our families?

    Or, will the pending businesses be the ones to fully benefit? As they bank on commuters stopping to shop while on the commute home? The balance of how this may positively affect our country life is the question to be determined.

    I believe the businesses will be the benefactors in this scenario. I do not feel that the benefits will be to the best interest of our beloved community.

  7. I don’t see a problem with it. Y’all act so entitled. I sure as hell don’t want to go to Palmdale!!!!!! Y’all wanna die there?????

    • Entitled
      is a very harsh term. Most of us have worked incredibly hard to be able to live in this community. Simply because we chose rural, and don’t want corporate in our town, does not define entitled. In fact, areas that have DGs often are where drug deals and scary life choices occur. Why invite that element into our town?

  8. Most of the stuff at Dollar tree can be gotten at our markets, or the General Discout. Do we really need to put thses stores out of busniess because a big corp sees a commuter traffic op. No need, we can get the items from stores already here.

    • The stores here take advantage of us… I paid almost 3.00 for a packet of gravy mix from the new Acton market. They are usually 1 dollar at Walmart.

  9. We do NOT need a Dollar store in Acton. We can get whatever we need at the stores that are already established. Please OPPOSE this proposal. My family and I say NO to a Dollar store.

  10. No no no. I love Acton the way it is. Would rather go to Palmdale or Santa Clarita if I want to spend a dollar.

  11. Simple No No No not wanted not asked for go away. “Keep Acton Rural”

  12. No! Not in a small community do these businesses belong! Acton, cannot support big city businesses! Stay away!


  14. No we do not need a dollar general or car dealership in our small rural town. It’s real for a reason and Acton is not big enough to support our local markets along with a corporate dollar.

  15. We’ve lived here in Acton for over 30 years. There have been businesses that have wanted to come here over the years that we actually wouldn’t have minded, but I will be damned if a Dollar general or a used car lot are going to make it in.

  16. Jessica Holland

    NO!!! The area I see Dollar Generals are bad areas. I do not want our sweet town to become one of those areas. We have stores here already that supply what Dollar General supplies. And no to a car dealership as well. We don’t need that eye sore…

  17. Carolyn Georgeson

    Unequivocally no! We do not need nor want any large corporate type businesses. We do not need to bring the commuting freeway traffic into the area. Acton is rural, should stay rural and the reason most us move here.

  18. NO! We do not need this big corporation here. There are several Dollar General stores near enough! Littlerock store is only 15 minutes away.
    The proposed Dollar General will destroy the rural atmosphere of Acton.
    There are TWO full-service markets on the exact same location!
    Plus, there is a discount store less than two miles away at the corner of Crown Valley and Sierra Highway.

  19. I love our Small Town feel or like some people say rural. Lets keep it that way. We don’t need large corporation’s coming in here bringing in traffic we don’t need nor want.
    I love how welcome I feel whefn I walk into one of our local store’s. It’s like we are family here. I love Acton. Let’s keep ut the way it us now.

  20. We absolutely do not want or need a Dollar General – it would take business away from both Acton Markets, and absolutely our our bargain store out of business.

  21. We said NO last time and the answer is still NO. They don’t sell anything that we can’t already get.

  22. NO. This is horrible. We don’t want a Dollar General. We moved here because we didn’t have all of these stores and car lots. Next move will have to be out of state. Acton doesn’t need this.

    Zoom works for council meetings by the way.

  23. No, No, No and No!

  24. When we do not visit or purchase any item from this store they will leave, it is up to us to show them we mean what we say!

  25. Acton does not need a Dollar General we have Bargain Sales. We also do not need a car dealership. There is an entire auto mall 13 miles away in Palmdale. This community is unique and we need to fight to keep it that way. The rural, small town living that is Acton is why most of us live or moved here.

  26. I moved to Acton specifically to avoid large businesses. A dollar general is not needed in Acton and will take away from the other businesses in the area. This is not something that I, or anyone else I know who lives in Acton would be okay with.

  27. No Dollar Store in Acton. The discount store by the 76 Station is perfect. And we don’t need the extra traffic on Crown Valley Road.

  28. No we don’t want or need Dollar General
    It would take away from our current Business in Acton

  29. Please do not allow this to happen. Most everyone who lives here loves the small town feel of Acton. My wife and I worked hard and saved to be able to make Acton our home. We are proud of where we live and support as many of the local family owned businesses we can. Acton is perfect the way it is. Keep Acton rural!

  30. A Dollar General? That seems redundant. Don’t need another store like that. And a car dealership? That just looks junky and commercial even in a big city. Nope.

  31. Karen O’Reilly

    We do not want or need a Dollar General store. I will not support it or shop there.

  32. Keep Acton rural! Local family businesses can barely support them selfs.
    I will not shop there.

  33. What we need to do is to tell these developers that we will boycott both the car dealership and the dollar general they will do no business here in ACTON!
    The dollar general people tried this before and we ran their representative right out of town!
    This is the wrong kind of development for our community!
    Let’s come up with a plan to keep this type of development from happening!
    We can do it if we stick together and fight them off.
    We have done it before!
    Art Busch, CST

  34. This would ;not be a good fit for our little town and bring a lot of potential problems along with it.

  35. Introduction of a Dollar store in our community will have long term disruptive and economic impacts on our town. Local independent low margin businesses will be pushed out. Acton will be left with no local grocers and the quality of our town will feel the impacts. There is no value creation to come into our community. My family will not shop or buy from Dollar General.

  36. I whole heartedly appreciate the immediate concerns of this community- it feels like there is something to protect and you are right! What is ever more evident here is a dire need for communication and development policies that the public can vote on. Ignorant comments and angry online trolling does little-to-no-good here, however passionate the response. Take your energies and use them to question Jeremiah Owen OR run against him in the next term. If this land and community is so worth protecting, get off your computers and away from the safety of posting to this (completely outdated and not useful) website, that only appears to drive anxiety and fear. Who is going to challenge this on a level that can actually bring change?

    • Hey Brian! We don’t approve or deny anything on the Town Council, we collect feedback and provide it to the County. The County is the only entity with any authority to approve or deny permits etc.

      • Thank you for the clarification! Has there ever been a history of Acton establishing a stronger representation for the needs of the community? Is this something that is possible or of interest for your leadership?

        • Yes, there’s a long storied history. We are holding a second protest meeting on July 6 at Acton Park, would love to discuss more then!

  37. That area on Smith is already a huge traffic hazard with trucks blocking the road when unloading for the market. That would create additional hazards with no benefit at all to the community.

    • Additionally the back half of that property is zoned residential so I don’t see how they can do this. It would not be appropriate to change this zoning to commercial.

  38. Am I the only person in Acton that does not have everything I already need right here in town? This company is not going to get a penny from me or my family.

  39. No dollar store

    I will not shop at a dollar store. I do not want a dollar store in Acton. I will encourage my friends and family to shop elsewhere. No dollar store

  40. No! As many others have stated, “Keep Acton Rural!” If I would have wanted to deal with a Dollar General or Car Dealership I would have moved to Santa Clarita!
    Stop trying to ruin a beautiful community!
    We moved here for tranquility and beauty…not for the traffic of the city!

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