Acton Town Council Meeting Agenda: March 9, 2020

1Call to Order, Flag Salute & Roll Call7:00
2Community Comments - Non agenda items only
(speakers may be limited to 2 minutes each)
3Sheriff Substation - Brady Watt 157:30
3Minutes of Last Meeting(s) - Kelly Teno57:35
4Treasurer's Report - Pam Wolter57:40
5Sheriff's Report - Deputy Martinez157:55
6AAUSD Superintendent Report158:10
7Library Report - Jim Wall58:05
8Filming Issues158:20
9Additional Stop Signs In Community108:35
10Floodplain Plan108:45
11SRTS Opportunity108:55
12WWD37 Outcome Discussion159:10
13HSR Update - Invitation to Candidates to address109:20
10Announcements and Correspondence109:30
11Councilmembers Comments109:40
12Committee Reports
Standing Committees
Planning and Coordinating – J. Ayer
-----ARTC - J. Ayer
Publicity – T. Costan
-----Social Media – J. Owen
Finance, Ways and Means – P. Wolter
Community Standards/Decorum – K. Teno
Trails, Open Space, and Recreation – J. Ayer
Utilities – J. Ayer
Bylaws – K. Teno
Emergency Response & Disaster/Resiliency Plan – To Be Filled
Beautification/Illegal Dumping – J. Owen
Film Coalition – To Be Filled
Industrial Aesthetics – To Be Filled
Traffic Safety – J. Ayer
-----Safe Routes to School – J. Ayer
Special Committee
-----High Speed Rail – P. Wolter
13Unfinished/New Business
14Items for Next Agenda
Acton Town Council
PO Box 810
Acton, CA 93510
Next Meeting
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