Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes, June 17, 2019 Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute, & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by President Jeremiah Owen.  Present at the meeting – Jeremiah Owen, Jacki Ayer, Pam Wolter, Tom Costan and Kelly Teno.  Absent – Dylan Lunde
  2. Community Comments – None
  3. Minutes of the Last Meeting – Tabled
  4. Announcements and Correspondences – Received a phone call from Mr Marshallian, The drive through issue is going to Regional Planning on July 17th and the package is out.  The comment period on the Sustainability Plan has been extended to June 28, 2019.  Chris Perry is willing to meet to discuss ongoing filming issues.  Possible dates could be June 25 – 27th.
  5. Councilmember Comments – Tom commented that Edison had stated that each area should only have one to two outages.  Their family is going on their 4th which just got announced.  He is worried about the adverse conditions that a power outage could cause during a wildfire or high winds.  Edison announced that after conditions are abated it could take up to 72 hours to turn power back on.  He asked if we could ask Edison back to a meeting.  The county filed a motion for late intervener status.  We need to research and find out who is going to the conferences before we have SCE back. Jacki commented on the Eagle Scout project that was presented to the council a few weeks ago.  There is a gap between the Eagle Scout project and how much Public Works is willing to do,  Letters have been written but he has not heard back.  The AV Area Plan supports town signs.  It was mentioned that maybe he should go and testify at a Boasrd of Supervisors meeting.
  6. CSD Update – There will be a committee meeting June 19, 2019 2pm in the library study room to finish working on comments.
  7. Clean Power Alliance – At the last ARTC meeting Jacki found out that CPA is having a workshop.  She put in a place holder so someone can go represent the ATC.  Tom Costan made a motion to send a representative to the CPA workshop in Los Angeles.  Pam Wolter 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  8. LA County Sustainability Plan – Discussed concerns with the plan.  page 70 does not define development.  We assume Acton is in a high hazard zone.  We have our own contact, Day One, that is supposed to be doing outreach.  To date no outreach has been done.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to write a letter providing comment on the Sustainability Plan and reach out to Day One,  Tom Costan 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  We will invite them to a meeting in August.
  9. Well Yield – Agua Dulce has picked this up.  They had county agencies at their last meeting discussing well yields.  They are moving in the direction of possibly lowering the standard to 1/2 gallon a minute.  Commented about water quality and Santa Clarita River contamination.  Would like to work with the Agua Dulce Town Council and put together a joint action to address this issue.  We are being accused of contaminating the water and we need to research and nip it.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to ask ADTC to work with us on putting together a joint action to address the myth of Santa Clara River contamination by low density development.  Pam Wolter 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  10.  Unfinished/New Business – Follow up on SCE
  11.   Items for Next Agenda – Drive through package, SCE
  12. Adjournment – 8:56 pm
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