Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes March 4, 2019 Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag salute, &Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Jeremiah Owen.  Present at the meeting – Jacki Ayer, Jeremiah Owen, Tom Costan, and Kelly Teno  Absent – Dylan Lunde, and Pam Wolter.
  2. Community Comments – Question was asked whether the path under the freeway at Crown Valley was going to be concrete and is it going to be equestrian friendly.  The ATC had requested Krails for safety.  It looks like curbing is being put in maybe to hold the grading.  A resident spoke about a letter they wrote to Kathryn Barger about the crime in Acton and how to solve it.  The ATC was thanked for the letter written about the Business Registration Ordinance.
  3.  Minutes of the last meeting – tabled till later
  4. Treasurer report – None
  5. Sheriff Report – There were 38 incidents that resulted in reports for February
  6. Library Report – Library will be closed March 25, 2019.  The March events were announced.
  7. Department of Public Works – Patrick Holland spoke about illegal dumping and what has been going on at the County level and who has been working on it.  He spoke about green waste and the guidelines.  He spoke about the LA County The Works app and how to use it.  He then answered questions about the app.  Eric Morofugi spoke about compostable material and gave a presentation on how to do it legally.  There were many questions from the audience which included residents and residents of the Antelope Valley.  There is a lot of concern about bad mulch being delivered throughout the AV.  It is up to the landowner to responsibility for the mulch being delivered.  Landowners should ask for lab reports before getting mulch or compostable material.  It was brought up that the solar fields in the AV are using more than 12 inches deep of compost to keep the dust down and most of it is probably illegal.  The County was asked if they would come to an ARTC meeting to speak and possibly other councils.  Somehow this information needs to get out to homeowners.
  8. Acton Crime Statistics – Jacki had asked for this to be put on the Agenda because of Actons crime stats being up in the past months but since they have started coming down the subject should be tabled to a later date.
  9. Bylaws Review – The committee presented the Bylaw changes.  The changes will be posted on the website so the community can make comments before they are adopted.
  10.  Trailer Park (Smith/ 3rd) – Jacki gave background on the work the ATC did around 10 years ago because of the crime from the trailer park.  They have had 25 years to apply for a CUP that complies with County Zoning Code.  Permit from the state has to be renewed each year ( Permit is suspended).  By state law a suspension means they can not charge or collect rent money.  We should ask Daniel Garinger if he can give us an update since 2010.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to write a letter to the County asking that they investigate the Mobile Home Park and zoning status and that they be brought into compliance.  Tom Costan 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  It would be nice if concerned residents wrote emails or letters to the County requesting the same things.
  11. SEA Update – Dylan and Jacki went to the Regional Planning Hearing and spoke about the ATC concerns. The ordinance was adopted.  Junipers are now category 3 but they did not move on the ratios.  Now it goes to the BOS.  It is important for our community to convey to Kathryn Barger our concerns.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to request a meeting with Supervisor Barger or staff to discuss our concerns with the SEA as it sits before them.  Tom Costan 2nd the motion.  The motion passed.
  12. BRP Update –  Chuck Bostwick will try to find out when this is going to the Board of Supervisors.
  13. Announcements and Correspondence –  Vision Zero has been released and they are asking for comments through the end of March.  Vision Zero staff wants to come back on March 18 meeting.  Application has been put in for signage at Grizzly Bear to bring it into compliance.  Chuck Bostwick forwarded a survey on pot smoking in public.  We will put it on the website for residents.  Boat and RV Storage owners coming back at March 18 meeting.  There is an NOV on a property on Aliso Canyon for illegal fill.
  14. Councilmembers Comments – None
  15. Committee Reports – The following committees had reports b. ARTC –  Clean Power Alliance spoke at the ARTC meeting, we should ask them to come present at an ATC meeting.  l. Film Coalition – Committee Chair needs to be filled.  Spoke about the issues on a film notice that came out with 6 days of half load gunshots and helicopter landings and condor lights.  Nothing said about surveys or outreach.  Jacki emailed Gary Smith to voice our concerns.  We do not know the dates yet for the County run meeting with all involved in filming and Acton residents.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to write a letter to say the film shoot can not happen; tempered with what Gary Smith’s letter says.  Discussion should say this is not suitable use in our area so therefore it should not happen.  Tom Costan 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  j. Emergency Response & Disaster / Resiliency Plan –  We need a Committee Chair.  Tom Costan will get with Mike Fox.  m.  Industrial Aesthetics – We need a Committee Chair.  Isco is looking more complete.  n. Traffic Safety – Can we get a CHP at our meeting? We will make a request.  No update on Red Rover Mine Road and Sierra Highway 4 way stop.  p.  High Speed Rail – Discussed the cancellation of our section of the train.  LA Times says they will run out of money before the Central Valley is complete.
  16. Unfinished/New Business –  None
  17. Items for Next Agenda –  RV Storage,  County Vision Zero
  18. Adjournment –  10:40pm
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