Acton Town Council Meeting Agenda: May 20, 2019

1Call to Order, Flag Salute & Roll Call7:00
2Community Comments - Non agenda items only
(speakers may be limited to 2 minutes each)
3Minutes of Last Meeting - Kelly Teno57:20
4Announcements and Correspondence157:35
5Councilmembers Comments157:50
6Eagle Scout Project - Mr. Vidic158:05
7Community Film Meeting - May 18 (Recap)308:35
8AT&T Tower Discussion158:50
9CSD Concept Draft159:05
10SB-415 Vehicles: Trailers309:35
11Captain Schaffer Meeting 159:50
12Unfinished/New Business1510:05
13Items for Next Agenda
Acton Town Council
PO Box 810
Acton, CA 93510
Next Meeting
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One Comment:

  1. I am out of town today so I can not attend but I think we should advocate for passage of SB415. Currently the CHP interprets the law as all horse trailers are commercial. SB415 clarifies the law stating horse trailers are recreational vehicles. The current situation has scarred some out of state equestrian folks from coming to California. As an Equestrian community Acton should endorse this bill.

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