Proposed Gas Station and Country Store at SW Corner of Antelope Woods and Crown Valley Road

The Developers will be presenting to the community at the October 1st Acton Town Council meeting.  Please attend and provide comments.  Town Council Meeting Agenda

Acton Country Market 9-20-18
Site Plan_Acton-9-24-2018



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  1. What’s wrong with the Shell station at Sierra highway an crown valley ?ok l
    I don’t buy gas in Town it’s is over priced.l think we as Acton don’t need it all.lets kept a small town.Show an easy for all of Acton.

  2. As an Acton resident and mother of a small child I strongly disagree with the proposed gas station! Acton currently has 3 gas stations for only 7,500 residents. This business is not Acton friendly, its sole purpose is serving freeway traffic. We want to keep Acton rural and keep our children going to High Desert safe.

  3. Keep Acton just the way it is! No need for more stores or gas stations. Stop trying to grow Acton, I moved here for the small town life, not to deal with more traffic and overcrowding where ever you go. Schools are over crowded enough as it is.

  4. We don’t need another gas station or ANOTHER market and especially one selling liquor to high school kids ( which is what will happen due to the proximity). We already have too many liquor licenses per our population. This is a way to stop this!

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