Acton Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes May 21, 2018 Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by Vice President, Tom Costan. Present at the meeting – Dylan Lunde, Rob Peters, Jacki Ayer, Tom Costan, Jeremiah Owen, Pam Wolter, Ruth Brock, Kelly Teno.  Tom announced the resignation of President Russ Fawkes from the council.  New officer elections will take place at the first meeting in June.
  2. Community Comments – A resident gave a letter about setbacks and equestrian property.  He wants to build a 30×60 pole structure with a cover to store hay and grain and has been told by the County he cant put it where he wants.  Jacki recommended he ask the County to point to it in the code and that he can also ask for a variance.  We will take his letter to the next CSD meeting.
  3. Minutes of the Last Meeting – Postponed until next meeting.
  4. Treasurer Report –  Bank Balance $1,119.05 no receipts or disbursements
  5. Sheriff’s Report – Captain Dennis Kneer announced the new resident deputy.  Deputy Joe Soffa lives in Acton.  After questions from the council and audience he gave the May stats.  There were 25 incidents in May that resulted in reports.
  6. Library Report – None
  7. Announcements and Correspondence – Ruth answered an email asking about standards of different parcels.  The question was asked how do we connect with Public Works and Regional Planning to make the connection with traffic in Commercial Rural.  Chuck Bostwick said to contact Chris Perry in Regional Planning.  An email was received from Iris Chi and they are ready for the walk thru.  Tom will put AT&T and Vance Palmeroy on the 2nd meeting in June.  An email was received about Littlerock Dam being open Saturdays in June and June 2nd is a clean up day.  A School Board Bond Community Meeting was announced for Wednesday May 23rd at 6:00pm at the High School Gym.  The EAGSA has agreed to come to the June 4th meeting to talk about the Boundary Modification.  Jacki spoke about the meeting with Kirk Allen and that the  AV has been renamed as a Very Low Priority Zone.  She spoke about the boundary mod grant and that we need to be prepared to talk about disbanding the GSA. An email was received about the Waste Management Survey.  Lillian has the info and will write about it.
  8. Councilmember Comments – Tom spoke about altering the meeting format to do administrative a half hour before public meeting starts.  Administrative will take place from 7:00pm to 7:30pm and public meeting will start at 7:30pm
  9. Speakers: Developer Presentation/Discussion Knox Subdivision – Mr and Mrs Knox gave the presentation.  A group of friends bought 20 acres and wish to subdivide it into 4 parcels and all build their own homes.  The parcel is at Acton Canyon and Mountain Springs.  Jacki spoke about trails and subdivisions.  The Knox family is willing to do trails.  They need a letter that they came and presented and we asked for a trail.  The council spoke about a letter of support.
  10. Coffee Shop (Starbucks)/Grizzly Bear Remodel at Santiago Square –  The Revised Exhibit A is confirmed through Pizza Factory that it is a Starbucks.  They are holding up his liquor license because of the Exhibit A.  Jacki will forward to us what the Board of Supervisors adopted for DP zone.  Jacki made a motion to write a letter regarding Starbucks to address CRU provisions regarding traffic signals, address Board action in May 2016 that DP Zoned property is not freeway serving, how are hitching posts and trails going to be incorporated in accordance with the AV Area Plan, cannot add “Starbucks” element to the existing 40 plus foot high pole sign, address parking space concerns, why is this holding up the Pizza Factory entitlement, if the drive-thru is being rebuilt why is it not deemed as a new drive-thru.  Jeremiah 2nd the motion.  After discussion the motion carried.
  11. SEA (Significant Ecological Area) Ordinance – Tom wants to put together a group to show Iris Chi the SEA.  The illegal dumping down Soledad and Aliso Canyon.  He will give them the dates of May 29, 30, and 31 for the walk and also ask for an extension for our comment letter.  Jacki asked to add to our SEA letter, illegal dumping concerns that now become a “Category 5” already disturbed land though it is entirely illegally done.
  12. Quiet Zone Discussion – No Report
  13. Committee Reports – a. Planning and Coordinating – Jacki reported that she wants to look into the gas station, it is a by right use so the concern is about traffic.  We could write a letter to the new director for traffic and lighting at RP.  Jacki made a motion to write a letter to DRP, DPW and Mr Perry to address implementation of CRU zoning ordinance and traffic impacts of by right CRU uses and the use of HCM methodologies for assessing traffic impacts in Acton.  Jeremiah 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  b.  ARTC – None  c. Publicity – spoke about FAQ on website  d. Social Media – None  e. Finance Ways and Means – None  f. Community Standards and Decorum – Kelly will send word doc of CSD ideas from the two community meetings.  g. Trails, Open space, and Recreation – Spoke about looking closer at the CSD and trails.  h.  Utilities – None  I. Bylaws – None  j.  Emergency Response & Disaster/Resiliency Plan – None  k.  Beautification/Illegal Dumping – Chris Croisdale described the illegal dumping that is going on down Soledad.  Oscar Gomez from the County, Kelly Teno and Chris took a trip down Soledad to show Oscar all the issues.  He took lots of pictures and noted addresses.  l. Film Coalition – Filming issues are getting better but there are still some issues that need to be worked on.  The coalition is trying to get Donna Termeer to set up another meeting.  m.  Industrial Aesthetics – None  n.  Traffic Safety – The SRTS needs another meeting with Public Works and Caltrans, the application is due July 21, 2018.  Jacki spoke about the webinar and she asked questions through the webinar.  Special Committee – High Speed Rail – None
  14. Unfinished Business – None
  15. Items for Next Agenda – None given
  16. Adjournment – 11:04pm
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