Acton Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes, April 16, 2018 Approved

1. Call To Order, Flag salute and Roll Call – The meeting was called to order by President Russ Fawkes at 7:00pm.  Present at the meeting – Rob Peters, Jacki Ayer, Tom Costan, Russ Fawkes, Jeremiah Owen, Pam Wolter, Ruth Brock, and Kelly Teno.  Absent – Dylan Lunde.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting – Ruth Brock made a motion to approve the minutes from February 5, 2018.  Jeremiah Owen 2nd the motion.  Motion carried with 1 abstention.  Rob Peters made a motion to approve the minutes from April 2, 2018 with changes.  Pam Wolter 2nd the motion. Motion carried with 1 abstention.

3. Community Comments – None

4. Announcements and Correspondence – We were contacted by a long time resident and equestrian user about fences being put up near an M-1 business on Soledad Canyon Road and blocking the through ways for horses.  If the site plan was approved after 2015 it should have trails connected.  Ruth will reach out to Tina and pull the site plan.  Pam passed out flyers for Palmdale Lancaster community events and for tire and mattress recycling.  The HSR Board meeting in Downtown LA was announced.  A resident spoke about the train leaving Vincent Hill at 7:27 am and arriving in downtown at 8:50am.  Russ announced he will not be able to attend the ATC meeting on May 7, 2018 but will prepare the agenda.  Tom gave administrative log on to Jeremiah so he could work on the ATC website.  Tom announced that the Agua Dulce campus of ADA is working on the play Alice in Wonderland. Pam announced that the front page of the AV Press talked about a vehicle hit a water shed in front of Acton School.  Jacki will check on the number of houses it takes to make an area 25 mph and residential.

5. Councilmembers Comments – Russ spoke with Linda W who did the presentation on the Littlerock Dam re-opening effort and she loved our council.

6.  CPUC Intervenor Compensation – Jacki explained the background of the CPUC Intrervenor and the problems with the Edison project.  The ATC filed a complaint and hired Jacki’s firm and the firm incurred all the cost.  Jacki will call and ask if the compensation check could be written directly to Air Quality Specialist.

7.  Flooding in Acton – Ruth spoke about the County coming out during the last rainstorm to Crown Meadows and the debris they cleaned out.  Jacki gave them the tract map that showed that the County took over the maintenance.  So the County has acknowledged that and they are taking it over.

8.  Significant Ecological Area Ordinance – The County will be coming to make a presentation at the May 7, 2018 meeting.  We need to be ready with our questions.  Jacki reported about her concerns and Ruth spoke about Category 5 and previously disturbed land being exempt.  Jacki read the definition of previously disturbed farmland and her concerns.  we need clarification.  Jacki passed around the map of the SEA boundary.  A resident spoke about exemptions and they would like to see the same language in the implementation guide.  There was a question about the set aside ratios and open space preservation.

9.  Community Standards District – Kelly reported that the first community meeting went good and announced the 2nd community meeting on April 24, 2018, 7:30pm at the Library.  The committee will then compile all the info for the May 22, 2018 meeting with the County.

10.  Filming Coalition Status Report – Donna Termeer put together a meeting with the Film Coalition Committee, Film LA, and County Offices on April 24, 2018 at 2:00pm.

11. Emergency Preparedness –  Rob reported that at the last meeting of the group they talked about the manual.  Rob gave a presentation of the manual.  Marlene Fawkes is a technical writer and has offered her help with the manual.  Rob reported that there is grant money out there for supplies.  Also to look at the AVCERT Calendar for upcoming classes.

12. Quiet Zones – Rob reported on Railway Quiet Zones for Acton and explained them.  We need to hear how residents weigh in.  Rob is going to put it on Social Media and do an online petition.  Lillian reported that there is a letter to the editor coming out about the quiet zones.

13. Proposed Septic Ordinance Discussion –  A resident asked if he does an addition to his residence and if he is 600 feet from an impaired body would he have to do a 40,000 septic improvement.  Acton has no impaired body that we know of unless the Santa Clara River is an impaired body.  Jacki will contact Mr Woo (State Water District) and get clarification.  This will be on the next agenda.

14.  SRTS Status – The ATC received an email of support from Supervisor Barger.  An email went to the County asking for April 23 or 26 for a meeting.  The kick off meeting for funding is being done in May.  An email was received from the School District about Caltrans.  Jacki will contact the person on the email at Caltrans.

15.  Unfinished/New Business – Cannabis is slated to go before the Board in May which is why we sent our letter out.  They thanked us for our comments and they will give them the appropriate review.  It was reported that we have a proposal from the Knox Family.  It is 20 acres that they want to make into 4 – 5 acres.  In the past we would go two ATC meeting cycles, so they should come to the May 21, 2018 meeting.

16. Adjournment – 9:11pm

17.  Agenda Items for next meeting – SEA Presentation from the County,  Septic Ordinance,  Cannabis



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