Acton Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes, February 5, 2018, Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag salute & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 7:36 pm by President Russ Fawkes.  Present at the meeting – Ruth Brock, Jeremiah Owen, Russ Fawkes, Jacki Ayer, Dylan Lunde, Rob Peters.  Absent – Tom Costan, Pam Wolter and Kelly Teno
  2. Community Comments – There was a resident asking about the HSR, if a route has been chosen, and if environmental studies have been done.  Jacki commented that the Draft EIR will be out later this year and we will be doing community outreach at that time.  Members of both parties have requested a full audit and review of the program.
  3. Minutes of Last Meeting – postponed
  4. Treasurer Report – None
  5. Sheriff Report – There were 20 incidents that resulted in reports for the month of January.  This is down 67% from the previous month.
  6. Library Report – Librarian Jim Wall announced the upcoming library events
  7. Conservation Camp 11 – Commander David Foote spoke about the camp.  At Camp 11 in Acton there are 84 inmates, plus Commander Foote, an assistant commander, 6 officers, and fire fighter specialists (engineers) also supervise.  The inmates are low risk only and are evaluated under Title 15 Government Code.  They must have less than 5 years left on their sentence to be considered and after their sentence is served they are eligible to work for CALFIRE or California Conservation Corps.  They get paid $1.00 per hour and their jobs include filling strike team positions and cutting fire-lines to create firebreaks.
  8. LASD Station Commander – Captain Kneer gave a little background on himself then spoke about crime.  The 5 year crime trend is going down every year.  YTD it is down 27%.  2017 was the lowest crime rate on record in Palmdale and the unincorporated areas.  He attributes the reduction to partnering with communities.  Palmdale has 160 deputies and 145 volunteers.  They are dedicated to crime versus traffic citations which is handled by CHP but will sometimes cite traffic violations.  Deputy Scott Short is retiring March 31, 2018 and off-road patrol Sargent Jeff Acton is also retiring.  Sargent Dillard will be taking over for Sargent Acton.  The County is still reviewing budget costs or the Acton substation.  CERT Team will also utilize the substation.
  9. Social Media Outreach – Jeremiah and Dylan reported that they want to set up a Facebook and Twitter account so notifications and information can be posted.  Jeremiah Owen made a motion that he and Dylan Lunde will re-initiate social media going forward for the Acton Town Council.  Jacki Ayer 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  10. Announcements and Correspondence –  Ruth reported a woman from LA Water District called regarding wanting to post temporary signs for community with water conservation tips.  She will be told to email her intentions.  Russ would like all correspondence to be cc’d to ATC for easy location.  Jacki announced that Rooster Ordinance is being proposed in response to cock fighting activities.  Public outreach is being conducted. February 14, 2018 at the library will be our area.  Jacki announced that Metrolink seemed to not understand our concerns about SB827.  She asked that it be put on a March Agenda.  Rob continued this with multiple tracks are a concern and we need clarification.  “Quiet Zone” should be considered.  Express that Metrolink stops at 1/3 of their stations during peak travel hours.
  11. Council member Comments – Jacki stated a quote “The hope of a livable and positive society rest with the non-conformists”  Martin Luther King.  Dylan commented that he contacted Carsen Water and added them to the EAGSA email list and also the KOA.  Russ commented that he and Pam will contact water users to provide these names to Kirk Allen.  Russ has reached out and received no responses yet.
  12. Committee Reports – A. Planning and Coordinating – None   B. Publicity-  Jeremiah and Dylan will take this over  C. Finance Ways and Means – None   D. Community Standards & Decorum – County will set up working meetings with each community and the ATC should try to set up community meetings to get input on CSD’s.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to get community input on CSD revision.  Rob Peters 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  E  Trails, Open Space and Recreation – None   F. Utilities – AT&T will lower the height of tower and offer water tower design.  Jeremiah will work with neighbors.   G. Bylaws – None   H.  Emergency Response and Disaster Planning –  Rob Peters made a motion to form a committee to validate and approve the “Community Preparedness Manual” to include public input from community members and council members.  Jacki Ayer 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.    Rob Peters made a motion to approve the use of the twitter account “@ActonEmergency” for Urgent/Disaster/Emergency use of releasing pertinent information to Acton residents as an additional means of public information dissemination, for use by ATC members.  Ruth Brock 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  I. High Speed Rail – None   J. Industrial Aesthetics – None   K.  Film Coalition –  County had a meeting to gain clarity.  Council coalition will meet February 12, 2018 to organize community desires for standards to be tailored for us.    L.  Safe Routes to School –  Make a request to form a committee to AAUSD.  We will work with their ad hoc committee.   M.   Beautification & Illegal Dumping –  will develop a committee.
  13. Unfinished/New Business – None
  14. Future Agenda Items – Accessory Dwelling Units, Valley Fever, ATC Bylaws, Andy Narag DPW (land development),  SB827.
  15. Adjournment – 11:13pm
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