Proposed Septic Regs. – Meeting April 11 at the A/AD Library

New Septic System Regulations
Being Proposed by the
State of California and the County of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board are hosting a meeting to discuss the State’s Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Policy and the County’s Local Agency Management Program. The regulations will govern any property in the State that operates on a septic system. Every property owner using a septic system may be affected by the proposed regulations and may be required to incur additional expense to comply with the new regulations. Notice of these proposed regulations has been entirely inadequate, and notice of the following public meeting is extremely short. Residents of Acton and Agua Dulce may and should provide input on this matter at the public meeting.

The meeting will be held on
April 11, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. at Acton/Agua Dulce Library
33792 Crown Valley Road, Acton

A copy of the Local Agency Management Program (LAMP) proposed regulations is available on the following website: The 151-page document requires careful attention.

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One Comment:

  1. Thank you. Little notice, many pages….
    This I know- it’ll cost way too much. And I’m 99% certain there’s no need for any of it.
    But these are career state “servants”😾. In need of a new revenue source.
    I’ll bring the tar, you bring the feathers.
    Or maybe it’s completly legit. I dunno……

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