Relations with Sheriff’s Department Survey

Antelope Valley Community Survey

Relationship Between Residents and Sheriff’s Department

Researchers from UCLA working with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are conducting a survey of Antelope Valley residents to understand the relationship between the community and the Sheriff’s Department.   The Principal Investigator of the study is Professor Jorja Leap.  The information gathered in this survey is anonymous and confidential.  No individuals will be identified, and each survey will only be reviewed by the UCLA researchers, not the Sheriff’s Department or the Department of Justice.

The survey is part of an ongoing effort to help the community and the Sheriff’s Department better understand relations between residents and law enforcement so that they can continue to be improved and achieve the shared goals of fairness, equality and justice.

The survey may be completed online at

If you have any further questions regarding this survey, please call 661 627-0410 or send an email to

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