Acton Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes January 8, 2018 Approved

  1. Call to Order, Roll Call – The meeting was called to order by President Russ Fawkes at 7:30 pm.  Present at the meeting – Jacki Ayer, Tom Costan, Russ Fawkes, Pam Wolter, Ruth Brock & Kelly Teno, Absent – Dylan Lunde
  2. Community Comments – None
  3. Minutes of Last Meeting – Jacki had 2 additions which she wrote down.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to accept the minutes from December 18, 2017 with the additions.  Pam Wolter 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  4. Treasurer Report – Bank Balance – $1,221.27.  Ruth offered to prepare all the tax forms for the LLC.  Pam Wolter made a motion to have Ruth Brock prepare all necessary tax forms for the LLC.  Jacki Ayer 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  5. Sheriff Report – There were 25 incidents that resulted in reports in December.  He discussed some of the new laws. He announced that he would be retiring March 31, 2018.
  6. Library Report – No Report
  7. Announcements & Correspondences – We received an email from a gentleman that we have been in contact with about commercial cannabis, he went to the County to try and get information and they sent him to talk to us. Since a ordinance has not been drafted as of yet for commercial cannabis we feel it is a little too early for anyone to present at an ATC meeting.  Copies of a letter from Regional Planning regarding CUP’s for our Water Haulers were passed around.  We received a request from the ARTC for election of officers.  Russ will respond that the ATC supports all three candidates.  There is a meeting for Disaster Preparedness by the American Red Cross and Sheriff at the Community Center, January 9, 2018 from 7 – 9 pm.  We heard from McDonalds and they will come receive their plaque on January 29, 2018.  They wish to provide coffee at all ATC meetings.  We will thank them for their offer but decline. We have had no response from Camp #11 coming to the next meeting.  Russ will contact them again.  On Saturday February 3, 2018 there will be coffee with Scott Wilk at the Community Center at 9am.
  8. Council Member Comments – Ruth has 2 sets of old plans from Sikand for the proposed subdivision project, does anyone want to look at them before the January 29th meeting.  If the County comes to the January 29th meeting Jacki would like the letter in the Country Journal on November 4, 2017 regarding the VW Catcher be brought to their attention.
  9. Pizza Factory Beer & Wine Permit Application –  ATC members Ruth, Russ and Pam got community input regarding the Beer and Wine Permit.  Ruth got 24 yesses and 2 no’s,  Russ got 30 yesses and all the owners in Santiago Square said yes,  Pam got 12 yesses from local realtors.  Tom Costan made a motion to write a letter in support for the Beer and Wine License for the Pizza Factory.  Pam 2nd the motion. The motion carried.  
  10. Preliminary Presentation / Proposal by Jon Raich regarding Eco-Adventure Park – Their goal is to conserve and preserve and to provide public, outdoor recreational opportunities with a low carbon footprint.  They would integrate educational programs for local schools, Acton residents will get a discount, there will be no more than 400 in the park at one time, there will be 5 acres for parking, and 15 to 20 employees at any one time. They are looking into a couple sites in Acton including the one they presented tonight.  It is off the 14 freeway near Soledad Canyon and the RV Sales.  Deputy Short brought up the need for road improvement if they use that site.  It was asked if they would consider building an equestrian trail around the outside of the park for all to use, since if they have one in the park you would have to pay to use.  He said he was sure that it could happen.   They are going to write up a presentation for the local newspapers and ask that residents address their input to the ATC.
  11. AT&T Proposed Four Wireless Internet / Cell Phone Towers Status – The ADTC wrote a letter supporting the 6801 Sierra Highway site. Tom Costan made a motion to send a letter to the County of non opposition of the 6801 Sierra Highway and the Edison Substation sites and that AT&T has agreed to look at and re-evaluate the other two.  There is community opposition to Braeloch and Goldridge.  Pam Wolter 2nd the motion. The motion carried.
  12. Cannabis – Discussion of recently released County Policy and Maps –  The County came out with its recommendations for policies and maps.  Jacki wrote a letter with her concerns to the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) as a resident.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to write a letter, sending it to the Board of Supervisors and OCM with the following concerns. Revise commercial map, identify industry best practices that deter crime and facilitate response and intervention by law enforcement, armed guards allowed on site, drive time for law enforcement for intervention – distance from nearest sheriff substation, measures that can be implemented to secure the safety of families who live next door to cannabis operations, CSD clarification, ensure business comports with General Plan.  Jeremiah Owen 2nd the motion.  During discussion Tom Costan made the following amendment.  State the community concerns as reflected in the survey.  The amendment was accepted by Jacki Ayer.  The motion carried.  There was a concern from an audience member about how we write the amendment to the motion and not state that it is how the whole community feels.  We spoke about just restating the survey
  13. ATC Members Vote, Tally, and Announcement of New Members –  Russ Fawkes passed out ballots with the four candidates names on them.  Everyone voted for 2 and passed them to Kelly Teno to tally and announce.  Member Dylan Lunde voted via text message to Kelly Teno.  Jeremiah Owen and Rob Peters will be the new ATC members
  14. Swearing in of New ATC Members –  Donna Termeer  from Supervisor Barger’s office was present to swear in the new members.  They both took their seats as new council members.
  15. Committee Reports – Planning and Coordinating- None.  Publicity – None.  Finance Ways and Means – Will bring an idea soon.  Community Standards/Decorum – Kelly will send ATC Pick List to Susie Tae. Trails, Open Space and Recreation – None.  Utilities – None.  Bylaws – Will present on January 29, 2018.  Emergency Response & Disaster/ Resiliency Planning – New ATC member Rob Peters will head this committee.  High Speed Rail – None.  Industrial Aesthetics – Landscaping is going up at three industrial locations.  Regional Planning has said they will inspect and we are due to get an update this month.  Reported about the new 4 way Stop at Santiago and Soledad Canyon Road.  There are 3 warning signs coming up to the signs.  This is good during the day but at night there is only on light so it is harder to see.  The BOS and DPW have been contacted and DPW will come out this week at night.  We need to ask that the Pass with Care sign be taken down ( it is too close to the Stop Sign).  Film Coalition – The Agua Dulce Town Council BOS Deputy will be getting the County involved.
  16. Unfinished/New Business – We spoke about illegal dumping and the need for a committee.  New ATC member Jeremiah Owen will take it over and bring together ideas.  The ATC will invite Captain Kneer to a February meeting.
  17. Agenda Items for Next Meeting – Plaque Presentation. Bylaws, Metrolink Speaker, County and Sikand Engineering, Meeting Format.
  18. Adjournment – 11:02pm
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