Acton Town Council Meeting Agenda 02/05/2018

1Call to Order, Flag Salute & Roll Call7:30
2Community Comments - Non agenda items only
(speakers may be limited to 2 minutes each)
157:30 to 7:45
3Minutes of Last Meeting - Kelly Teno57:45 to 7:50
4Treasurer's Report - Pam Wolter57:50 to 7:55
5Sheriff's Report - Deputy Scott Short107:55 to 8:05
6Library Report - Jim Wall58:05 to 8:10
7Conservation Camp 11 Commander David Foote, Speaker208:10 to 8:30
8LASD Palmdale Station Commander, Captain Dennis Kneer, Speaker308:30 to 9:00
9Social Media Outreach - D. Lunde and J. Owen159:00 to 9:15
10Announcements & Correspondence109:15 to 9:25
11Council members Comments109:25 to 9:35
12Committee Reports
Planning and Coordinating - J. Ayer
Publicity - T. Costan
Finance, Ways and Means - P. Wolter
Community Standards/Decorum - K. Teno
Trails, Open Space and Recreation - J. Ayer
Utilities - J. Ayer yielding to J. Owen re AT&T
Bylaws - K. Teno
Emergency Response & Disaster Planning - R. Peters
High Speed Rail - P. Wolter
Industrial Aesthetics - R. Brock
Film Coalition - Ruth Brock
Safe Route to School - J. Ayer
Beautification & Illegal Dumping - J. Owen
909:35 to 11:05
13Unfinished/New Business1011:05 to 11:15
14Agenda Items for Next Meeting
Accessory Dwelling Units - K. Teno
Valley Fever - R. Brock
ATC Bylaws - K. Teno & T. Costan
Andy Narag - Land Development , DPW - date to be determined
SB827 as it relates to Vincent Station - J. Ayer
511:15 to 11:20
Acton Town CouncilPO Box 810
Acton, CA 93510
Next Meetings
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  1. When I see how late the meetings go, why do they not start earlier? (most people are in bed by 9)? Maybe a Saturday morning meeting once a month?

    • Thank you for your comment to the Acton Town Council. It is certainly our goal to maximize community participation at our meetings. We will take up this issue at our next meeting on March 5th.
      Russ Fawkes
      Acton Town Council President

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