Acton Town Council Meeting 01/29/2018

Meeting Agenda 01/29/2018

1Call to Order, Flag Salute, Roll Call7:30
2Community Comments - Non agenda items only
3Presentation of Award of Appreciation - McDonalds - Marroquin Family 107:50
4Metrolink Presentation - Alex Davis, Govt. Relations Mgr., Sylvia Novoa, Public Affairs Mgr.208:10
5Speakers - AADUSD Superintendent Lawrence King and AADUSD Board President Ed Porter. Safe Route to School initiative, status/changes regarding Acton School campus609:10
6Filming Coalition Discussion209:30
7Sustainable Groundwater Management Act/GSA/Water Haulers - Status Report159:45
8Town Council Communications with Developers - J. Ayer109:55
9Minutes of Last Meeting - K. Teno510:00
10Announcements and Correspondence1010:10
11Councilmembers Comments1510:25
12Meeting Format Discussion1010:35
13Agenda Items for Next Meeting
Bylaws Update - K. Teno
Social Media Outreach - J. Owen, D. Lunde
Conservation Camp 11 Cmdr. David Foote - speaker, confirmed
LASD Captain Dennis Kneer - speaker, confirmed
Committee Reports
14Unfinished/New Business510:50
Acton Town Council
PO Box 810
Acton, CA 93510
Next Meeting
7:30 PM
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