Pizza Factory at Santiago Square Applies for Beer/Wine License

The Acton Town Council is interested in obtaining community input regarding their thoughts on the acceptable number of alcohol licenses in our town. The Pizza Factory at Santiago Square has applied for a beer/wine license which would bring the number of licensees in Santiago Square up to three and the total in Acton up to fourteen.

According to the county’s data, Santa Monica has 27.6 on-premises alcohol outlets (such as bars or restaurants) per 10,000 residents and 7.4 off-premises (retail stores) locations per 10,000 residents.

There is a correlation between the affluence of an area and an increase in establishments that serve alcohol.  Less affluent areas have a preponderance of off-site consumption sales.

On-site alcohol consumption in Acton – 9 locations per 7,500 residents vs 6.7 locations per 7,500 residents average in Los Angeles County.  We have Don Chato, Paul’s Place, La Cabana, 49er Saloon, Vincent Hill Station, Pizza Place, Crazy Otto’s, Miso Sushi and potentially Pizza Factory.

Alcohol sales for consumption off-site – 5 locations in Acton per 7,500 residents vs 4.65 locations per 7,500 residents average in Los Angeles County.  We have Original Acton Market, Acton Country Market, the liquor store at Santiago Square, the AM/PM Mini mart and the liquor store next to the Print Shop and 76 Station.

The question for the community is if there is a threshold percentage beyond which the residents would be concerned about the number of licenses.  And a question for residents along Desert Road, Santiago Road and in Santiago Estates is do they have concerns regarding a third license at Santiago Square.

If you have input on this topic, please email your comments to

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