Acton Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes November 6, 2017 Approved

  1. Call to Order, Flag Salute and Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Russ Fawkes.  Present at the meeting: Dylan Lunde, Tom Costan, Jacki Ayer, Russ Fawkes, Pam Wolter, Ruth Brock, and Kelly Teno.
  2. Temporary Adjournment of ATC Meeting – Russ turned meeting over to Paul Maselbas from LA County.
  3. Call To Order, East Acton Groundwater Sustainablity Agency Meeting, Paul Maselbas, Principal Engineer, Waterworks Division, Dept of Public Works: Mitch Glaser, Assistant Administrator, County of Los Angeles: Kirk Allen, Civil Engineer, Department of Public Works – Paul spoke about the meeting held in SGMA meeting in April 2017 at the Community Center where they described the GSA and possibly taking us out of the AV Basin.  The GSA is Paul Maselbas, and Mitch Glaser and their strategy is to have the State declare the East Acton area away from the Av Basin and a low priority basin away from the requirements of SGMA.  They are also still continuing the process for a State Grant in case this does not go through, because the deadline for filing the grant is before they would find out our status as a basin.  They have decided to make an advisory committee to sit at the GSA Board meetings, anyone can sign up on the clipboard. Over 100 people signed up however the GSA has not indicated how this committee will be formed, coordinated or if meetings will occur.  He then took community comments: some of the main concerns were- That they are taking away the water haulers and they are our backbone, worried about our wells being metered, costs, land values, what are they giving back to the community if we are taxed on water, would they use the money or fees to recharge water.  The GSA will come back after they apply for the boundary modification plan.
  4. Recess- Community members are encouraged to remain for the SEA discussion.
  5. Reconvene ATC Meeting – Russ called the meeting back to order at 9:10 pm
  6. Significant Ecological Area Ordinance – Discussion and request community input – Regional Planning issued notice that it was going to hold the SEA Ordinance back and try to show the basis for the ordinance according to where biological resources are.  Jacki spoke about letters written by past and current councils and felt the county has listened and is taking it back.  The SEA package link will be put on the ATC website.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to write a letter in support of Regional Planning’s idea in concept but to root their biological resource assessment in their SEA boundary report.  Ruth Brock 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  A suggestion was made to ask the County out to see how we co-exist harmoniously with nature.  Regional Planning Commission will be November 8, 2017.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to send one or more members to represent the ATC at the RPC meeting on November 8, 2017.  Pam Wolter 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  7. Minutes of the Last Meeting – Tom Costan made a motion to accept the minutes from October 2, 2017, and October 6, 2017.  Pam Wolter 2nd.  The motion carried.
  8. Treasurer Report – $1,295.27: No Income or expenses.
  9. Sheriff Report – There were 27 incidents that resulted in reports
  10. Library Report – No Report
  11. Announcements and Correspondence – Russ spoke about a Citizens Guide to County Services and he got a few from Donna Termeers office and passed them out.
  12. New Category – Council Member Comments – Kelly spoke about the need to fill vacant council seats and thought we should work on getting the community to understand what we do maybe re visit our idea of Coffee with the Council and maybe we can get more involvement… Ruth spoke about her letter to Kathryn Barger with a cc to Donna Termeer about unpermitted structures and how to find a pathway to make them permitted.  Donna will follow up on the letter.  Pam spoke about real estate directional signs and oversized signs in the community.  We have taken care of some but wants ideas from the ATC on how to deal with it.  Maybe we can get something put in our CSD to deal with this.  Put it on our next agenda and make a motion to write a letter to Oscar Gomez.  Donna will call Oscar.  Russ spoke about the Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance and the discussion at the last ARTC meeting.  It will be at the Regional Planning commission on November 29, 2017.  The ARTC is writing a letter.  Tom appreciates the work Russ has done and his taking over the President position and the direction he is taking with the council.  Dylan likes the idea of Coffee with the Council.  We could create an official ATC facebook page to get to the community.  Ruth spoke about the work done on the ATC Logo, we voted on the badge logo for plaques, banners etc… and we need to decide on the logo for the letterhead.  Her daughter has offered to make our website more user friendly if we would like.  She would just need permission.
  13. Community Standards District – Our CSD revision for drive throughs should be on the BOS agenda on December 5, 2017.  At the last ARTC meeting we found out the County is going ahead with the joint CSD revisions and there will be a kick off meeting in early 2018.  Jacki will send an email to the ATC members of her list of CSD changes that may be needed for our approval before sending it to the County.
  14. Traffic Safety – There was another accident at Crown Valley and the 14 Freeway.  There has been more CHP presence in Acton since resident John Farrar wrote a letter to the CHP Commander.  We should invite the commander to come to a meeting to talk about our issues.  Jacki Ayer made a motion for Russ Fawkes to write a letter of appreciation for the step up in enforcement and want to keep it up and cc Donna Termeer.  Pam Wolter 2nd the motion .  The motion carried.  We would like a plan from the School Board with the issues for children walking from the Middle School to the Library.
  15. Industrial Aesthetics – Donna Termeer was asked when the 4 way stop at Soledad Canyon Road and Santiago will go to Kathryn Barger.  Donna will find out.  Jacki Ayer made a motion for Ruth Brock to write a letter in support of the 4 way stop sign and traffic modification at Soledad Canyon Road and Santiago.  Pam Wolter 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  16. Committee Reports – A. Planning, Coordination, Trails & Open Space – Jacki Ayer made a motion to write a letter in support of the SGMA resolution that was adopted November 6, 2017 to seek boundary basin modification & dissolving the GSA.  Tom Costan 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  B.  High Speed Rail – Pam attended City of Palmdale planning for their station.  She asked what they had hear about the DEIR for the Palmdale to Burbank section that was supposed to be out in Winter 2017.  They heard it would not happen till Spring 2018.  C. Publicity & Association of Rural Town Councils – None  D.  Finance Ways and Means – None  E. By-Laws,  Community Standards & Decorum – We will take back up after the first of the year.  F. Public Works & Utilities – Donna Termeer will work on putting together a meeting with the ATC, County and Film LA.  G. Emergency Response & Disaster Planning – Russ offered to take this committee over if Tom wanted.  Tom agreed due to his schedule at work.  Russ introduced Acton Resident Rob Peters who has offered to help with this committee. H. Election Committee – Resident Brandon Roque came forward and expressed an interest in joining the ATC.
  17. Unfinished Business – None
  18. New Business – Fire Camp, GSA
  19. Adjournment – 11:15 pm
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