Acton Town Council Meeting Agenda 11/06/2017

1Call to Order, Flag Salute & Roll Call7:00
2Temporary Adjournment of ATC meeting7:05
3Call to Order
East Acton Groundwater Sustainability Agency Meeting
Paul Maselbas, Principal Engineer, Waterworks Division, Dept. of Public Works
Mitch Glaser, Assistant Administrator, County of Los Angeles
Kirk Allen, Civil Engineer, Department of Public Works
4Recess - Community members are encouraged to remain for the SEA discussion108:15
5Reconvene ATC Meeting
6Significant Ecological Area Ordinance - Discussion and request for community input - Jacki Ayer108:25
7Minutes of Last Meeting - Kelly Teno58:30
8Treasure's Report - Pam Wolter58:35
9Sheriff's Report - Deputy Scott Short108:45
10Library Report - Jim Wall58:50
11Announcements & Correspondence159:05
12New Category - Council member Comments209:25
13Community Standards District (CSD)159:40
14Traffic Safety159:55
15Industrial Aesthetics - Ruth Brock1010:05
16Committee Reports1010:15
Planning, Coordination, Trails & Open Space - Jacki Ayer
High Speed Rail - Pam Wolter
Publicity & Assoc. of Rural Town Councils
Finance Ways & Means
Community Standards & Decorum - Kelly Teno
Public Works & Utilities
Emergency Response & Disaster Planning - Tom Costan
Election Committee Report
17Unfinished Business510:20
18New Business1010:30

Acton Town Council  P.O. Box 810, Acton CA 93510

Next Scheduled Meeting 11/20/2017 @ 7:00 PM at the Library.

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