Acton Town Council Meeting Agenda 11/20/2017

Acton Town Council Meeting 11/20/2017

Acton Town Council Next Meeting 12/04/2017
PO Box 810
Acton, CA 93510
1Call to Order, Flag Salute & Roll Call7:00
2Minutes of Last Meeting - Kelly Teno57:05
3Community Comments - Non agenda items only
(speakers may be limited to 2 minutes each)
4Speaker Presentation and Discussion
Capt. Eric Broneer, Cmdr. of the AV Area CHP
Cancelled, Rescheduled for Dec. 4 meeting
5AT&T Proposed Four Wireless Internet Towers Discussion
John Pappas, Eukon Group
Andrew S, Hollihan, AT&T Build Engr./Program Mgr.
Dan Revetto, AT&T External Affairs
6Filming & Film Permits Discussion - Christopher Croisdale
7Announcements & Correspondence109:10
8Opportunity for Acton Town Council candidates to come forward and address the council109:20
9Acclamation of Acton Town Councilmembers who were uncontested: Russ Fawkes, Ruth Brock, Dylan Lunde, Kelly Teno59:25
10Bylaws Section 2B
Appoint 3 person nominating committeed to present slate at next meeting. Hold election of officers on December 4.
11Councilmembers Comments159:45
12Acton Conservation Camp 11 Discussion109:55
13Illegal Dumping Discussion - previous discussion: write to Country Journal and DPW, explore possibility of 10 ton weight limit on Soledad1010:05
14Community Standards District (CSD) - Modifications Required1510:20
15Significant Ecological Area Ordinance Update1010:30
16Commendations and Plaques510:35
17Unfinished/New Business1010:45
18Agenda Items for Next Meeting510:50
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