Be Heard Regarding Waste Management and Trash Hauling

The Acton Town Council cordially invites all concerned Acton and Agua Dulce residents to our meeting on Monday, October 16th at 7pm at the Acton/Agua Dulce Library.  Guest speakers include two speakers from the Environmental Programs Division of the Department of Public Works that is responsible for trash hauling franchise agreements and three speakers representing Waste Management, Inc.   A question, concern and comment session will follow the speakers’ comments.  Please plan on attending.

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  1. Alfred Trolinger

    In my eyes Waste Management are crooks, no matter they are always right, even when they are wrong. when you put your trash out for pickup they are supposed to only pick up your trash at your address, I had someone (not at my address) put their trash barrels over next to mine and the guy must have thought they were mine and I got a extra charge on my bill, when I complained and said I wasn’t going to pay it, it wasn’t mine as mine are numbered with the address on them, they got huffy with me and cut my service off and took away my barrels and they still will not give back my service until I pay them. The way I look at it, if you have 5 barrels that’s all they should pick up unless you make arrangements. Just like in the old days they squeeze the other guy out and have a monopoly and think they can do as they please. My neighbor got free or reduced pick up and they want me to pay, I’m not giving in and have to take my trash all the way to the dump where it even costs more!

  2. Alfred Trolinger

    My neighbor’s son put their trash over next to mine and was picked up and I got a bill for the extra trash. I called WM and complained and said I wasn’t going to pay it, I pay for just so many barrels and if there’s more than i should have they shouldn’t have dumped it unless I had made arrangements with them. They got huffy and stopped my service until I pay for it..BULL my barrels were numbered with the address. Having a monopoly makes them think they can do anything and tuff luck. And now they will provide recycling bins for a cost, why they will be making good easy money alreay! Just another bunch of crooks!

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