Acton Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes March 6, 2017 Approved

  1. Flag Salute & Roll Call – The Regular Meeting of The Acton Town Council was called to order at 7:07 pm by President Tom Costan.  Present at the meeting :  Larry Layton, Dylan Lunde, Angela Toghia, Jacki Ayer, Tom Costan, Pam Wolter and Kelly Teno.  Absent : John Farrar.
  2. Community Comments – A resident announced that St Marys Catholic Church will be hosting St Patricks Day celebration at the Community Center.  It was reported that at Desert Rose and Meyers Creek a residents door was kicked in and we need more police presence in Acton.  It was explained that resources are spread thin and residents need to get involved and write letters to the Supervisor and report crimes.  Some suggestions were to see what the next steps are to get a contract and get an extra Sheriff .  It maybe time to do a survey to see the interest in fundraising for an extra Sheriff.  A suggestion for traffic safety is to ask Public Works about more stop signs or maybe wake up rumble strips.  Donna Termeer suggested writing a letter requesting a safety study.  Larry Richardson and his 2 sons from Acton Clay Quarries came to invite the Acton Town Council to come tour the quarry.  They have always invited the ATC up to the mine in the ast.  We can contact Scott Richardson, North Star Minerals Inc.,, 626-512-4654.
  3. Minutes of the last meeting – tabled
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Checking account balance – $1,374.24 no transactions.
  5. Sheriff’s Report – In February there were 25 incidents that resulted in a report.  This is down from last year where there were 55 to 60 incidents.  There was a Grand Theft at the Ace Hardware this past Saturday.  They stole a pressure washer off the steps.  There was an off duty sheriff there who took a picture of the car and license plate.  He was asked what would be the cost to the community to contract another sheriff.  Deputy Short thought it was around 96 per hour for 2 sheriffs when they work filming.  Contact Marianne Tucker in Traffic.
  6. Library Report – No report
  7. Announcements & Correspondences – The community meeting with PLF went great. We learned a lot from the PLF presentation, and the presentation about our community issues was great.  Hopefully PLF finds the plaintiff’s they need.  There was a discussion about DPW and how to address SGMA.  We will be having a community meeting hosted by the ATC.  The question is do we want own meeting or make it multi community.
  8. LA County Senior Services Department, Kevin Anderson – Special Assistant, Adriana Mendoza – AARP,  Russ Fawkes – Acton Resident – They gave a presentation on Purposeful Aging in Los Angeles County.  It consisted of what it is, how they will implement the plan and the time line.  The County is seeking support of the community.  The unincorporated rural areas do not have many services.  They need our input on how we could be helped.  They will be doing a survey, they are sending them by email and there will also be a paper version.  The ATC will put the links on the website.  Kevin will send an email to the ATC when the survey is ready.  Any comments we get we will send to Purposeful Aging.  A resident asked if the ultimate goal was to have a tax increase to get funding and then we will see very little resources from it?  It’s a 5 year plan, if resources re needed they will look into different ways to get the funding.  Acton resident Russ Fawkes came up to talk about getting rent control on mobile home parks.  Many Senior citizens live in them in Acton and the rents keep going up.  He passed out a paper with his Background, Why Do We Need It?, History, and Proposal.  Kevin will take his letter back and share it with Purposeful Aging and with other County Departments.  Donna Termeer also asked for a cop of the letter.
  9. Proposed Cell Tower Locations in Acton –  A presentation was given by Dan Revetto – AT&T External Affairs, John Pappas, and Andrew Hollahan –  AT&T has joined in with a government program to bring high speed internet into rural areas that do not have good service.  These are the same sites in Acton that they presented before. They will not operate like a normal cell tower, this is broadband.  They will come back and put cell service on the towers at a later date after the implementation of the government program.  This is expected to hit nearly 1000 living targets.  They were asked about the price to homeowner.  The government has set the low end cost at $60 per month and they will guarantee that the internet speed will double.  They were asked about the several existing towers on 6801 Sierra Hwy and why they couldn’t just use those. They explained the locations are dictated by the FCC.  An ATC concern was for them to make sure the area surrounding the proposed towers are happy with this.  AT&T is following the Regional Planning requirements for notification but they are willing to go further out if we feel it is necessary.  They were asked if they would make c0-location available in the future to have fewer sites.  Their answer was yes.  The ATC should post the map with the current locations on the ATC website.
  10. Sustainable Groundwater Management Act –   In a phone conversation with Paul Masselbaus it was explained that we are interested in a boundary change, also if areas in the basin qualify as a channel flow we would like to have those changed because they wont be subject to SGMA.  It has to be granted by the state and applied for by an agency  He wanted to put it together and meet at an ATC meeting but Jacki felt it would be better to be a public meeting , maybe early April.  AVEK has said they don’t want to deal with this but they will.  We get the sense that the County may not want AVEK at the table.  Donna Termeer didn’t think it would be harmful to go to AVEK and see what they can do to help.   Jacki Ayer made a motion to agree to host a meeting separate from an ATC meeting to address the SGMA Basin in Acton that includes DWR, District 37, and Regional Planning and if they want also include Leona Valley and Lakes Town Councils, the date will be early April.  Angela Toghia 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.    Jacki Ayer made a motion to approach AVEK to be put on their agenda to discuss SGMA requirements in Acton.  Tom Costan made an amendment to the motion, if we cant get on the agenda to request a meeting.  Angela Toghia 2nd the motion with the amendment.  The motion carried.
  11. Mud Run Event 2017 – Temporary Use Permit – The location is 3840 Crown Valley Road.  Regional Planning brought it to us to ask what we felt.  The TUP is now before RP. Larry Layton made a motion to support the TUP for the Mud Run Event located at 3840 Crown Valley Road. Jacki Ayer 2nd the motion. The motion carried.
  12. Committee Reports – A. Planning, Coordination, Trails & Open Space – The Commission seemed very sensitive to our asking for trails and that we are an equestrian community.  Jacki spoke about where the equestrian uses are since they are not allowed on the road.  All of this and more was let out of the approval package for the Primo Burger Subdivision.  Donna Termeer suggested that we ask that the approval package be amended for accuracy.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to write a letter to the BOS to develop a mechanism to amend approval packages for accuracy.  After discussion Jacki made an amendment to her motion to say BOS 5th District.  Larry Layton made an amendment to the motion and the amendment to make the letter specific to this process.  DylanLunde 2nd the motion and the 2 amendments.  The vote was 4 yesses and 1 no from Larry Layton.  The motion carried.  B. High Speed Rail – AV Press had an article that said Bullet Trains long term prospects seem dim because of funding.  Then another article talks about laying tracks in the Central Valley.  C. Publicity & Association of Rural Town Councils – None  D. Finance Ways & Means – None  E. By-Laws & Community Standards & Decorum – When Ruth has everything settled with the IRS we will get together and finish by-laws review.  F. Public Works & Utilities – None  G. Emergency Response & Disaster Planning – We should put in a request to find someone outside the council to head this.  H. Beautification, Illegal Dumping and Perspective – None
  13. Unfinished Business – None
  14. New Business – A complaint was made about trucks parking on Sierra Hwy near Red Rover Mine Rd. overnight and trucks being worked on.
  15. Adjournment – 10:50 pm
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