Acton Town Council Planning Meeting Minutes June 19, 2017 approved

  1. Flag salute & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order by President Tom Costan at 7:09 pm.  Present at the meeting – Dylan Lunde, Jacki Ayer, Tom Costan, and Kelly Teno.  Absent – Russ Fawkes, Angela Toghia, Pam Wolter, and Ruth Brock.
  2. Minutes of the Last Meeting – No Quorum
  3. Community Comments – An audience member asked how the council would like to see the property at Crown Valley & Sierra Hwy (Country Club Feed Store site) developed.  Nothing freeway serving only community serving, the town wants restaurants.  This council has never opposed restaurants just freeway serving drive-thrus.  Any traffic studies would need to include Antelope Woods.  Jacki spoke about traffic studies that have been done and the current increase in traffic and the amount of cars already on Sierra Hwy in the morning and a coffee house would cause more.  It was suggested that they read Chapter 7 of the AV Area Plan, it describes what our area should look like.   Another question was asked about windmill restrictions.  Jacki wasn’t for sure
  4. Sustainable Groundwater Management Act SGMA – Plan is supposed to be in place by next week,  Jacki will call Paul to see what plan is.  Jacki spoke about getting out of the basin and it looks good for that to happen.
  5. Traffic Study – Talked about the truck stop at Santiago and Soledad and the need for a traffic study.  Last meeting Ruth said she had reported the need for a traffic study in that area and heard back that one would be done.  It was suggested that maybe Acton Takes Action should write a letter asking trucks to exit on Aliso.
  6. Trails – The meeting with Donna Tremeer, Susie Tae, ____________________ , Tracy Costan, Russ Fawkes, and Jacki Ayer went really good. It felt like they will work with us.  Discussion about feeder trails went good by the end of discussion.  The question was asked if there was any clarification on whether the trail is on the North or South side of Sierra Hwy.  They decided the trail is on the North side but recognize that equestrians use the south side.  They will come up with a bubble around intersections.  Regional Plannings position on trails for Industrial or Commercial is trails are not connected with ministerial permits.  It was suggested that we might look at Bear Valley equestrian uses.  They are very good and work with intersections and main roads.  Tom will get Tracy to make calls to get equestrian community behind the Trail Committee and she will write up a note for he Country Journal.  Jacki sent Susie Tae all the documents on trails.____________________.
  7. Significant Ecological area Ordinance (SEA) – Town Council members Tom Costan, Russ Fawkes, and Ruth Brock wrote individual comments.  SORT also wrote comments.  This is the 1st time we ever received a thank you or writing comments.  Tom will send letters to the Country Journal.  Draft 9 is expected out June 29th.  We have requested a meeting with Supervisor Barger after that date.  We are waiting to see if they took our comments and implemented them.  Hearing on July 12th.
  8. Filming and Film Permits – Chris Croisdale reported about the number of permits that had been issued in the last 3 days.  On going issues that need to be addressed include not giving enough notice and how notice is given, how late they are filming with gun shots, big lights, lots of noise along with many other issues.  Chris needs someone from the film industry on his committee, there were 2 audience members that are in the industry and gave Chris their contact info.  Acton would like to co-exist so there need to be some standards or guidelines set in place.  Maybe find someone at the County to help start standards and give them to Film LA.  It was brought up that Burbank has to have a monitor when filming occurs after hours.  Location Managers are in a Union Teamster Local 399, maybe they can give some do’s and don’ts.
  9. Industrial Aesthetics – Acton Takes Action meeting Monday June 26, at 7pm at the Library.
  10. Commercial Development – No Report
  11. Hauled Water – Agua Dulce Town Council has asked that all the comments made on the DEIR be answered.  They were told no that they will not get a response because they don’t want to take the time.  The ADTC is going to appeal to the BOS.  They feel they need the answers in case of the need to bring suit.
  12. Well Yield Standards –  No Comments
  13. ATC Bylaws – we will meet before the next Regular Meeting on the 17th.  Committee will meet at 6pm
  14. Community Standards District – Need to form a committee in either July or August
  15. Agenda Items for next meeting – Next meeting is July 17, 2017 it will be a Regular Meeting.  May need a Special Meeting for SEA after Draft 9 comes out on June 29th.  We will set this for Friday June 30, 2017. Location to be determined.
  16. Meeting Adjourned 9:07pm
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