Acton Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes February 6, 2017 Approved

  1. Flag Salute & Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by President Tom Costan.  Members present at the meeting: Larry Layton, Angela Toghia, Jacki Ayer, Tom Costan, Pam Wolter, and Kelly Teno.  Absent – John Farrar and Dylan Lunde.
  2. No Agenda Item
  3. Community Comments – An Acton resident inquired about any ordinance about noise from dirt bikes on their private property.  Deputy Short said there is a noise and dust ordinance and it is a County misdemeanor.  The neighbor has to call in the complaint and show up in court to testify.  They need to have documented and video record to provide proof.  The burden of proof is on the person who complains.  An Acton resident is having an issue with MD Barns that were erected on her property by the previous owner.  A neighbor made a complaint that brought the County out.  County says there are no permits for the barns.  The County wants them brought up to 2013 code, get engineering plans, and permit them.  She has been paying property tax on them.  ATC gave some suggestions: She may fall under the Clean Hands Waiver, just because the County says there is no permit doesn’t mean there isn’t one, she needs to ask why she is paying tax on something that they say is not permitted, how did they assess them? Pam offered to help her through this with the County.  It was brought up that maybe we should ask for an ombudsmen from the County to help residents who have County issues.
  4. Minutes of Last Meeting – Angela Toghia made a motion to accept the minutes from the January 9, 2017 meeting with the one correction.  Pam Wolter 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Checking account balance – $1,374.24  No income, No expenses
  6. Sheriff’s Report – Deputy Short – There were 32 incidents in January 2017 that resulted in reports.  This was lower than the previous 3 months
  7. Library Report – John Elford announced all the upcoming programs, they are all listed on the library website. There is a new Library Assistant, Sonny Martinez.  The Library has all the Tax Booklets available.
  8. Announcements & Correspondences – Tom announced the resignation of ATC member Katherine Tucker, due to work and family schedule. It was announced that AT&T will no longer be looking at the previous announced cell towers.  Received an announcement in the mail to learn about Park Funding 101 with Kathryn Barger.  Wednesday February 22, 2017 @9:00 am at the LA County Aboretum.
  9. McDonald’s Remodel Project – Kevin McAuley, Area Construction Manager described the remodel to the interior and exterior. This 600 store remodel program was initiated by franchises across Southern CA.  They understand and like our western theme and will do their best to work with the community.  The ATC asked about the signs. The signs are being done by another company.  They are interior lit.  The water tower sign will remain.  They will follow our CSD for signage because it needs to be updated.  No signage variance has been planned for now and they will let us know if that changes. They will have the sign company come back along with them to a future ATC meeting.  They will be taking out the wood awnings but the hitching post will remain. There will be no changes to the drive thru. They are also recommending painting the outside.  They want to remodel inside lobby and possibly use some local art, and redo seating.  It was suggested that Acton’s Historical Society might have great local pictures. Another suggestion was to fix the noise level coming from the kitchen.  One resident likes the upstairs windows, it makes it look like a hotel.  Another resident said they like the new healthy meals.  Kevin will bring all this back to his team and let us know when he will be back.
  10. Sustainable Groundwater Management Act –  At the beginning of 2018 we can file the paperwork to try to become our own basin away from the AV.   Since we are in surface water we would like to be designated non groundwater.  If we had that designation the regulation would not apply to us.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to pursue working with AVEK and the Water Works District to get Acton removed from the Antelope Valley Basin and then pursue getting Acton’s State designation as a non groundwater area.  Angela Toghia 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  Our first steps are to get on the agenda at AVEK and talk to District 37.  We need to answer the questions, What are the potential impacts and are there any downsides?
  11. Primo/Country Club Feed Parcel Subdivision – The hearing for the subdivision is on February 22, 2017 and starts at 9:00 am.  Public comment goes through the end of this week.  Comments and questions that were raised by audience members and ATC members: To comply with CEQA they are not preparing a document they are preparing an addendum to the negative declaration, what happens to the CUP in the split, how is the feed store going to turn their large hay trucks around with 1/3 is taken away? the driveway is partly owned by each parcel, an ATC member asked why we want to micro manage this project but no one else? the ATC has never opposed the subdivision they just want questions answered and to hold the County accountable for the answers.  Pam Wolter made a motion to write a letter to the Planning Commission addressing CEQA concerns, CUP implications, preserving circulation and maintaining parking spaces on the proposed Primo Burger subdivision.  Angela Toghia 2nd the motion.  In discussion Tom’s concern was that we need to be clear that this is not about approving or not approving the project and make sure the letter reflects this.   Angela responded it is about the County and them not following the law.  In voting 1 no from Larry Layton, 1 abstention from Jacki Ayer, 3 yeses motion carried.  Pam Wolter made a motion to have ATC representatives at the Regional Planning Commissions February 22, 2017 hearing to voice the concerns of the ATC letter.  Angela Toghia 2nd the motion. 1 no vote from Larry Layton, 1 abstention from Jacki Ayer, 3 yeses the motion carried.
  12. Safe Rout to Schools Grant (SRTS) – This grant would help to fix traffic issues with children walking from Antelope Woods to Sierra Hwy on Crown Valley.  The grant is underway and has the support of DPW, Regional Planning, Scott Wilk, Congressman Knight, the School Board and hopefully the ATC.  Jacki Ayer made a motion to participate in the grant for Safe Routes to Schools and designate 1 to 2 council members to participate in the working group.  Pam Wolter 2nd the motion carried.  Kelly Teno, Tom Costan and Jacki Ayer volunteered to be part of the working group.
  13. Committee Reports – Planning, Coordination, Trails & Open Space: No Report  High Speed Rail: Pam reported that an AV Press article about the proposed Palmdale Station wanting community comment about the station.  Resident Ruth Brock went to the last Community Open House in Palmdale for the Bakersfield to Palmdale section.  It was all about the station and not the HSR Another resident said they have a neighbor who got a letter about HSR wanting to drill on their property in the Aliso Arrastre area.   Publicity & Association of Rural Town Councils:  Jacki reported on the last ARTC meeting.  There was a speaker there talking about LA County’s new Purposeful Aging program.  She felt it would be good to have them come speak at a ATC meeting and have them meet with Acton resident Russ Fawkes about rent control at the Acton Mobile Home Park.  Finance Ways & Means: No Report  By-Laws and Community Standards & Decorum: Talked about the need for addition to the By-Laws for the LLC  Public Works & Utilities: No Report   Emergency Response & Disaster Planning:  No Report  Beautification, Illegal Dumping and Perspective: Spoke about making Acton Takes Action a sub committee
  14. Unfinished Business – None
  15. New Business – It was suggested to change this to New Agenda Items.  New Agenda Items will be Chris and Ann Kip along with vegetation for Acton Industrial and oleander ban
  16. Adjournment – 10:31 pm Next scheduled meeting February 27, 2017, 7:00pm at the Library
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