Acton Town Council Planning Meeting Minutes February 27, 2017 Approved

  1. Flag Salute & Roll Call –  The meeting was called to order at 7:09 pm by President Tom Costan.  Members present at the planning meeting – Dylan Lunde, Angela Toghia, Jacki Ayer, Tom Costan, Pam Wolters, Kelly Teno. Absent – Larry Layton, and John Farrar
  2. Minutes of the Last Meeting – Tabled since this is a planning meeting
  3. Community Comments – Brainstorming how to work our meetings, regular meetings vs. planning meetings. Subjects may get updated if something comes up. we will make a supplemental agenda.  Mike Vensky, founding member of the ATC, and member of The Audubon Sierra Club asked if the ATC would be interested in helping them with the County in acquiring 150 acres near Vasquez Rocks, to preserve this area.  They are also seeking the help of the Agua Dulce Town Council. They want to build a preserve for residents to enjoy, and it would be part of the County Parks.  He asked that we put this on our agenda.  The next step would be to have the Audubon Sierra Club come present.  Resident Ruth Brock suggested they look into the Williamson Act and speak to ATC member John Farrar.
  4. Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) – Jacki spoke about the Water Meeting for Thursday March 2nd , she explained ho the meeting was going to run, the group from Pacific Legal Foundation will be giving a presentation, then the panel of knowledgeable residents will be giving a presentation and then discussion with the community. We should invite Donna Termeer to this meeting so she can see how passionate our community is on issues.  If PLF takes this on and wins this could help the community when working on well yield standards with the County.    When talking about SGMA we are worried about what Acton could be subject to before we can file to get out of the AV Basin. A resident spoke about someone he knew in Soledad Pass that had to pull a permit to dig his well deeper and was required to put a meter on his well, but no one is monitoring it yet.  The resident was asked if he could get more info for the ATC.  It was asked if anyone on the Council had contacted AVEK and District 37.  WE have had contact with Adam Ariki at District 37 and they will work with Acton on its boundary change.  We need to ask AVEK to put this on their agenda.  Our next step is to have them come to an ATC meeting.  We only need one entity to submit our boundary change.
  5. Traffic Safety –  (SRTS) School Board member Mark Distaso is working on getting a meeting with DPW.  DPW is putting together a plan for what the route will look like.  Jacki expressed concern and would like ATC to be a part of this process.  Maybe we need a meeting with everyone involved to see where they are in this process.
  6. Access Ordinance – It was reported at the ARTC meeting that the Access Ordinance is being revised and we may see it as early as winter of 2017.  It is supposed to only effect new construction.
  7. Significant Ecological Area Ordinance (SEA) – The Draft 6 is still up and as it sits now Acton has no exemption.  The SEA encompasses about 30% of our community.  One resident said she was told she couldn’t build on 70 acres of her 125 acres due to the SEA.  It sounds like it is further along than was thought.
  8. Industrial Aesthetics – It was reported that the Acton Takes Action Survey in the Country Journal is winding down.  The next meeting is March 13th @ 6:30 pm at the Library  They are deciding how to start the discussion with local business owners, working on the plant list, and working on a petition to give to the County.
  9. Commercial Development – Tom has a new set of plans from St Marys Catholic Church which he will bring to the next meeting so we can make a decision about support on their changes.  Tom felt they addressed all ATC concerns except the turn lane.  They couldn’t do this because the road in front of the Library and Forestry would have to be modified.  A resident asked if any of the lots for sale would but up to Lariat Way in Canon Meadows.  The plans will be checked at the next meeting.
  10. Hauled Water – Discussed under #4
  11. Well Yield Standards – Discussed under #4
  12. ATC Bylaws – Revising the bylaws may be more extensive than we first thought.  WE may need to add more items for tax exempt purposes.  Our Federal exempt status request may get kicked back.  Right now they say we have 3 choices – Withdraw our application to be tax exempt and file Federal Corporation Tax ( we could ask for our filing fee back): Can withdraw members as owners, prove members have no ownership and there is only one owner The Acton Town Council:  Take a denial letter ( we would get no filing fee back ).
  13. Community Standards District – The BOS is voting on the Altadena CSD on February 28th.  There is no mention of Acton CSD as promised.
  14. Agenda Items for next meeting – AARP, Aging, nd Russ Fawkes:  AT&T Representative coming to talk about towers: St Mary Catholic Church
  15. Adjournment 10:15 pm  Next scheduled meeting March 3, 2017 @ 7:00 pm at the Library
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