Acton Town Council Special Meeting December 12, 2016

  1.   Meeting called to order at 9:45 am.  Members Present: Angela Toghia, Dylan Lunde, pam Wolter, Tom Costan, Larry Layton, Jacki Ayer, and Kelly Teno
  2. Jacki announced that at the collaborative meeting that Forest Supervisor Jeff Vail talked about their grant application that was due this week.  He asked if everyone in the collaborative could write a letter in support of the Chilao Water System Improvement project.  Jacki made all her points for the ATC to support and  felt that this could help with the HSR going through the forest.  She was asked if there were any negative parts and she felt there were not and she had looked at it from all angles.  Kelly Teno made a motion to write a letter in support of the Chilao Water System Improvement project,  Larry Layton 2nd the motion, the motion carried.
  3.  New Business – January 21, 2017 Saturday morning 9am brainstorming on how to work as a council
  4. Unfinished Business – Talked about Primo split.  Jacki speaking as a resident showed the traffic study to an attorney.  The way it was written it did not exceed the time to bring it to a C level.  Talked about all traffic discrepencies.  This needs to be put on the agenda and discuss how to go further.
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