Meeting Agenda 07-02-2016

Acton Town Council  P.O. Box 810, Acton CA 93510

1Flag Salute & Roll Call10:00
2Minutes of Last MeetingN/A
3Treasure's ReportN/A
4Sheriff's Report - Deputy ShortN/A
6Library ReportN/A
7Announcements & CorrespondencesN/A
8ATC 501C3/4 - UpdateN/A
9 Community Comments
Comments allowed on agenda items only
(2 min. allotment per speaker may be imposed)
10Discussion - Primo Burger Appeal10
11Discussion - High Speed Rail10
12Discussion - Hauled Water1010:40
13Committee ReportsN/A
Planning, Coordination, Trails & open Space, Open Space
Jacqueline Ayer
High Speed Rail
Pam Wolter
Publicity & Assoc. of Rural Town Councils
Tom Costan & Ray Billet
Finance Ways & Means
Community Standards & Decorum
Public Works & Utilites
Christopher Croisdale
Emergency Response & Disaster Planning
Beautification, Illegal Dumping and perspective
Katherine Tucker
14Unfinished BusinessN/A
15New BusinessN/A
16Open Forum
(Speakers limited to 2 min.)

Next Scheduled Meeting 07-18-2016 @ 7:30 PM at the Library.

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